Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell talked about Chris Matthews, Jimmy Graham, throwing deep, and more when he met with the media Wednesday.

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Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell met the media after practice Wednesday in anticipation of the preseason opener against Denver. Here’s what he had to say:

On having Anthony McCoy back: “It’s good to see him back, he worked his tail off a year ago to make it back, and then to have that injury happen on the other leg was probably very disappointing to him. But he stuck with it, he attacked rehab, and it’s really cool to see him back out here with what he’s been through.”

On if Anthony McCoy is back to playing at 100 percent: “He’s getting there. Early in camp I don’t think he quite had his legs under him. But as you’re able to work through more and get more of a workload, it’s hard to simulate exactly what he’s going to get out there, guys with bodies leaning on him, guys pushing on him, but as he’s worked through camp here he’s done a nice job of getting his wind, getting his legs, and that kind of thing.”

On Russell Wilson improving on back-shoulder throws: “Yeah, it’s something we work on all the time. Sometimes it’s hard just to practice it unless you get it in a live situation or in the practice-type situation, and he’s getting pretty good at it. We have all kind of guys, we do have some bigger players that can go up and get some of those types of throws as well, so it’s good to see us working on it.”

On the two tight end formation: “There’s so much stuff that you can do with it with the personnel, depending on who those tight ends are first and foremost. But then it really presents problems for the defense and how they want to match up to it. Do they want to play it like it’s a base formation, or do they want to play it in their nickel, and we’re able to react accordingly to how they choose to do that.”

On no tight ends catching a pass in last year’s Super Bowl: “As the tight ends know, it just depends sometimes on how the games are going. Sometimes I think Zach [Miller] ends up having six catches in a game and then the next game you end up going with zero. It could be matchups, could be game plan, could be coverage, those different elements that come into effect.”

On Anthony McCoy and Cooper Helfet: “I think we have a great battle, we have a great battle going on. All four of those guys, it’s a deep group, we really like the group. Also with RaShaun [Allen] as well, just being able to have competition and throw them all out there. We don’t know yet exactly how the numbers are going to shake out, how many tight ends we’ll be able to carry. We have a good group of tight ends, but we also have a great group of fullbacks, there’s three fullbacks that are there working, and some of those guys can be moved around as well. So it’s great competition, it’s a good problem to have.”

On the running backs in preseason: “Yeah, right now Turbo [Robert Turbin] is going to be the first guy. We really want to see all those guys, with [Rod] Smith, and with [Thomas] Rawls, we want to see all those guys. We want to see Christine Michael get in there, he deserves it, he’s worked hard at it. [Thomas] Rawls has done a nice job working in practice, looks really quick we like what we see out of him. [Rod] Smith looks really good as well, he’s a bigger back so you’ve got a little different styles. We just want to get them all out there, get them on tape, see how they perform, and we’ll go from there.”

On incorporating Jimmy Graham into the offense: “Well I think the cool part about Jimmy [Graham] is we can just plug him in. We really don’t have to do anything special. He’s special as a player being able to fit into the offense, he’s picked it up very well. We can run the exact same routes that we’ve been running and just kind of plug him in. So I don’t think we are going to have to do anything just to target him to get him the ball. Obviously the quarterback knows where he is at all times so more balls will probably be going in that direction. We’re able just to fit him in.”

On how the offense will change overall with Jimmy Graham: “We’re not going to have to stray very far at all. We’ve been able to just plug him in and play.”

On if Bevell already knew how to use Graham when the Seahawks acquired him: “Well he’s been in a similar system. Even some of the players are similar to him. But there is enough differences as well. Obviously the blocking aspect that we’re going to ask him to do. He’s been moved all over the field. He’s played every position; inside, outside, single-side, regular, he’s been everywhere so he’s comfortable with that as well.”

On the challenges at the center and left guard positions: “Well we’re just trying to let them compete. We need that thing to shake out. We’re letting Lem [Lemuel Jeanpierre] and [Drew] Nowak get in there and compete. Just as many guys we can put together in combinations. We want all of them to work together as well. Communication is key for all five of those guys. Once they all get together we would love to solidify it as soon as we can. We don’t want to go to fast on it. We want to make sure that we let them compete it out.”

On Kasen Williams: “He’s another player who’s really done a nice job of improving through camp. At the beginning of camp I don’t think he quite had his legs under him. Just kind of getting into camp shape. And the last two and a half days he has really started to show up. Really like how he’s releasing, he’s doing a great job of catching the ball at high points, gotten behind the defense a couple times as well. He’s shown that he has the ability to play here.”

On Chris Matthews: “I just want to see him show up every day. And that’s what I’ve talk to him about every day. We don’t want to have a situation where we come out here and he has one good day and then he disappears for two or three and then, ‘Oh, there he is again, he’s out here.’ We want to make him make himself be known. That we know he’s out here every day and if for some reason he wasn’t here, everyone would know that he’s missing. That’s what we’re trying to get with him. He has ability—there’s no question. He’s got size he’s got great catch radius, all that. But we want to make sure he’s showing up each and every day.”

On if Bevell expects to throw the ball deep more this season: “We have this conversation a lot. There’s always deep balls built in. There’s always deep balls built in. Covers dictate, opportunities dictate. Sometimes down and distance, do you want to really take that shot or not. Who the matchup is dictates it. I think you’ve seen it in camp, we’ve gone up top quite a bit. We like the matchups. We’re pushing the quarterbacks to take some of those throws as well. Obviously the more you make them the easier it is to continue to throw them. We really like the matchups. We like our size matchups. There’s guys with speed matchups as well. We’ll take those opportunities when we get them.”

On if the size of the tight ends provide opportunities for jump ball plays: “Yeah, you’d think down in the red zone would be a place where something like that shows up. Where space is more critical and you’re kind of throwing to spots. So have opportunities if you need to throw back pylons, front pylons, back five types in the end zone kind of throws. You can throw them high and they can create space for themselves. We want to make that show up.”

On the rookie running backs: “We want to see them out there. That’s the biggest thing. We want to see how well they have picked up the offense, where they are with that. Protection will end up being the key as well. Route running ends up being the key. What type of abilities do they have outside other than just running the ball. Being able to catch it. But then we want to see them as runners. [Thomas] Rawls has done a really nice job. He has really quick feet. You can see him making cuts in the hole. You can see him making cuts within the holes at the second level. [Rod] Smith is a bigger guy so he needs to be a longer strider. Get him out in space and see how well he runs. Seems like he runs behind his pads really well. We’re not tackling so we want to be able to see that. When he lowers his pads and see how many tackles is he going to come out the other side of. So there’s a lot of things to learn from these next couple of games for them.”