Michael Bennett thanked local military for the freedoms provided to Americans during a "Change of Command'' ceremony Tuesday at CenturyLink Field.

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Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett spent part his day off Tuesday representing the team as it honored a local military unit with a 12 Flag, part of a program called the “Change of Command.”

Since 2012 the Seahawks and the USAA have honored a military unit with a 12 Flag as the team’s honored military unit for the season. This year the team honored the Navy Region Northwest – through a flag hand-off ceremony with Marine Security Force Battalion – Bangor. The Seahawks 12 Flag will be transferred between the two units, signaling a “Change of Command.”

Bennett was a fitting choice to represent the team since his father, Michael Bennett St., served in the Navy.

“First time doing it,” Bennett said. “My dad was in the Navy for 10 years so it’s a good thing. I love it and working with the troops, I love giving back and they do so much for us for us to have all the freedoms that we get so whenever I have a chance to be a part of something great like that I want to be a part of it.’’

During the ceremony, some of which you can watch here, Bennett led the 150 or so in attendance in a Sea-Hawks chant, and noted wryly that “We can watch the ‘The Kardashians’ because of what you do.”

“I appreciate your guys’ service,” Bennett said. “Without you guys, nothing would be possible.”

The ceremony was held on the Toyota Fan Deck at CenturyLink Field and Bennett was joined by a few rookie members of team, as well as former Seahawk Nate Boyer.

The team describes says it developed the idea for the “Change of Command” as a way to thank the military “for representing the “12s” across the world, while bestowing a new honorary unit for 2016:  Navy Region Northwest. The recognition ceremony will mirror a deep-rooted military tradition: the change of command ceremony where an outgoing commander formally transitions responsibility and authority of a unit to a new commander.”