Michael Bennett said the Seahawks miss Kam Chancellor and that there will be no hard feelings in the locker room if and when he returns.

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Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett took questions for 15 minutes on the podium  at the VMAC before Seahawks’ practice Thursday, and you wouldn’t have expected it to be anyting other than entertaining and enlightening.

Among other things, Bennett said the team misses Kam Chancellor on the field and in the locker room and that he waited until the last day before he decided not to join Chancellor as a hold out this year.

He also resisted the idea that Chancellor should just do what he did — show up and play anyway.

“At the end of the day, my situation is different than his,’’ Bennett said. “I’ve got three kids. I’ve got a wife. My wife wouldn’t let me hold out so I had to come to work. His situation is different than mine. I respect what he’s doing but I know he respects what I’m doing, too. I just came back and try to work as hard as I can and show the team the type of leader that I am and the type of person that I am and what I am willing to do and how far I am willing to go when we are playing the games.’’

“…. At the end of the day Kam sees that he has a short window to make money and I respect that and I understand that.’’

Bennett said he worries that Chancellor’s holdout could last all season. But he also said that if Chancellor comes back, there will be no hard feelings from his teammates.

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“ I think you can’t have hard feelings because at the end of the day, the NFL they cut people every day. Right now there is some guy who thinks he is going to play on Sunday who will be cut on Friday because the team feels like they need to save money. When teams do it it’s usually called business but when the players do it it’s usually called ungrateful.’’

Bennett said the team misses Chancellor on the field and also “the way that he approaches the game and his leadership. Even though Kam Chancellor wasn’t in the game we had multiple chances to win the game. I wonder what the conversation would have been if we had won the game? Would people be seeing ‘hey, they don’t need Kam Chancellor?’ It’s all about what happens, the wins and losses. If we win on Sunday people won’t be talking about it. But at the end of the day we all want Kam to come back but we all understand what his fight is. We all want him to get his just due.”

Asked about the 34-31 loss to St. Louis last Sunday, Bennett repeated what many other coaches and players have said about communication being a big issue.

“That’s what we lacked last week was communication.’’ Bennett said. “. … even in a marriage if you don’t communicate good things don’t happen so when in the game when we don’t communicate, they score touchdowns and people lose their jobs. It’s all about communication in big games because when those lights go on you

. … (against the Rams) were like a bad marriage because we weren’t on the same page.’’

Asked if Chancellor would have helped solve the communication issues, Bennett said “of course. When Kam is in the game we are dealing with just one new guy (Athyba Rubin) and when Kam is not in the game we are dealing with five new guys.’’

Bennett said his decision to report rather than hold out was “hard for me.’’ Bennett signed a four-year deal worth $28.5 million in March 2014 but feels he has outplayed his contract and has asked the Seahawks to renegotiate.

The Seahawks told Bennett the same thing they have told Chancellor about not wanting to redo a deal with more than a year remaining.

“It was up to the last day that I decided ‘man I’m just going to come back and do what I can do,’’ Bennett said. “At first it was hard to deal with. But I know that if I go out there thinking about something I’m not going to be able to protect myself if I’m out there thinking that I can’t fall down because they are not going to do this for me.

“At the end of the day you just just have to go out there and play as hard as you can because the one time you are thinking about something else you will be knocked out and you have a concussion and then hopefully you can get some of Russell Wilson’s water so you can feel better.’’