Here is another list of Seahawks mailbag questions, focusing on the 2015 schedule, intriguing players, and more.

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Time for another set of Seahawks questions from the Twitter-verse — and feel free to send more my way at @bcondotta.

Q: @jrg6887 asks if the 2015 NFL schedule is going to be released before the NFL Draft.

A: Yes. The NFL Network is already promoting that the schedule will be released sometime in April and before the draft, which is April 30-May 2. The NFL is always just a little vague on the exact date until about a week or two out from the actual release. There is speculation the release will come sometime in the April 18-23 range.

Q: @jrg6887 also asks: “I’m guessing Sea@gb or sea@dal will be too good to not put on the SNF opener, since NE gets the Thursday nite opener.”

A: I would agree that Seattle at Green Bay definitely feels like a perfect season-opening Sunday night game with the Patriots assured of hosting the Thursday nighter. It would be a rematch, obviously, of the NFC Championship game, as well as a rematch of the season-opener a year ago when the Packers opened the season in Seattle. I like that better than at Dallas for the Sunday nighter, though you wouldn’t go wrong going with that one.

And after the controversy of last season about the number of prime time games Seattle had, it’ll be interesting to see how that unfolds this year.  Here is a link to all of Seattle’s 2015 opponents. The home games, to reiterate, come against St. Louis, Arizona, San Francisco, Carolina, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and Pittsburgh. There are some decent options there — Detroit and Pittsburgh maybe the best. But the apparent demise of the 49ers makes what has been an obvious choice the last few years one that could become just a usual Sunday afternoon affair this season.

Q: @hmile10 asks “In your opinion, who is going to be the most intriguing player to watch this coming season?”

A: Great question. A really obvious answer is Jimmy Graham. How the Seahawks fit him into the offense and his possible impact on a team that will still be considered one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl will make Graham one of the most-watched players in the NFL this season, and that trade one of the most-analyzed as the year progresses.

As for a player who was on the Seattle roster last year, I’d go with Chris Matthews. Will he able to build off the Super Bowl and become a consistent threat as a big receiver? You heard coach Pete Carroll speak pretty enthusiastically about Matthews at the NFL League meetings last month, saying the Seahawks now consider him their big receiver. Obviously, there’s still work to be done, but at the moment you’d consider him as a pretty good bet to be one of the five or six receivers on the final 53. If Matthews can become a consistent threat and Graham does what he did in New Orleans, the Seahawks’ receiving corps could take on a vastly different look in 2015.

Q: @DfultonDean asks: “Any word on impending OL additions in free agency?”

A: Nothing new at the moment.

Seattle has brought in a few players for visits but has yet to sign any. I wrote a little bit about this the other day trying to explain why the Seahawks may have reason to be fairly patient, and specifically the possible impact of the new May 12 free agency deadline on signing unrestricted free agents. You also heard Pete Carroll earlier this week allude to the fact that there will be more additions to the team coming, but all in due time.

Here’s what he said after UW’s Pro Day Thursday when asked if the team has some specific needs it feels it has to fill.

“We are not looking at it like we‘ve got a lot of things we have to do,” he said. “Try to take a really good approach. We have a lot of picks in the draft and a lot of picks where we have been effective and we are excited to see how it falls when it comes to us. But there are a few signings that will happen in time here. But it takes time. Kind of have to wait out the process.”

That could be read as the Seahawks possibly waiting until after the draft to see what they feel like they still need. I think it also speaks to the idea that Seattle could wait out the free agent market a little bit, especially in regards to the May 12 date.