A day after revealing that he had valuable trading cards stolen from his car, Seahawks linebacker Cassius Marsh received new cards on Thursday.

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RENTON — On Wednesday, Seahawks linebacker Cassius Marsh revealed that he had more than $20,000 worth of Magic: The Gathering cards stolen from his car.

On Thursday, representatives from a company gave Marsh new cards to help him rebuild his collection. Magic: The Gathering is a really popular fantasy trading card game that’s kind of similar to Pokemon.

“They gave me a bunch of stuff to restart my collection and build my decks,” Marsh said. “Very gracious.”

Marsh had his cards stolen from his car in downtown Seattle this week. He said his cards were rare and would be difficult to replace. Marsh offered two tickets to whoever returned his cards.

“This is more new stuff, their newer sets,” Marsh said, “but it’s all awesome.”