GREEN BAY, Wis. — It was undeniable that the Seahawks didn’t score any points against the Packers in a 17-0 loss to Green Bay on Sunday.

But they also felt they didn’t catch any breaks from the officials on a few plays they felt may have made a big difference.

One came late in the second quarter when Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers fumbled a snap at midfield.

Seattle thought Darrell Taylor recovered the ball, but officials ruled Rodgers had it. The Seahawks challenged the ruling and lost out, also losing a timeout that might have helped when the Seahawks were trying to score at the end of the half.

Green Bay didn’t score on the drive, with Seattle stopping a fourth-down play. But the recovery would have given the Seahawks the ball at the Green Bay 48 with 4:06 left, instead of taking over at their own 35 with 1:03 left.

Packers 17, Seahawks 0


“Darrell got the ball,” Carroll said. “And it’s unfortunate that it got turned around. That turnover would’ve been huge.”


What was he told by the officials after the call was upheld?

“They said the tie goes to the offense,” Carroll said later. “He assumes the ball’s on the ground and Darrell’s on it and then there’s guys reaching for it. They went quickly to New York and they made the call and these guys had nothing to say about it on the sidelines and I didn’t get the chance to even look at it.”

Carroll also wondered whether former Husky Kevin King had full possession of the ball on his interception of a Russell Wilson pass in the end zone in the third quarter.

“Yeah, I didn’t think so,” Carroll said. “They declared he had caught the ball before he lost it. Caught the ball and then it came out when he hit the ground. I never saw a replay of it. I am just going on when the guys were all looking at the replay upstairs in the booth and the ball hits the ground. So they have to make a decision, which they made very quickly again. Quick decision that he caught the football. And because it was a turnover, they went immediately into the replay.”

The Seahawks also lamented the lack of an illegal block in the back on Ryan Neal on a play when Rodgers scrambled for a first down to the Seattle 10 in the second quarter.

“I didn’t think that was allowed in football anymore,” said safety Jamal Adams, who added slyly of his discussions with officials about the play that “I just wanted some clarity.”


Injury report: Duane Brown leaves with groin issue

Seattle starting left tackle Duane Brown left after the second possession of the third quarter with a groin injury and was replaced by Jamarco Jones.

“He’s got a little groin thing going,” Carroll said. “He stepped on somebody’s foot and slipped out. He strained his groin.”

And defensive back Ryan Neal left late in the game after he got hit in the head and was treated for a potential concussion.

No other injuries were announced.