Seahawks' safety Kam Chancellor said during an interview last week while conducting a boot camp for women that he has moved on from his holdout of last season and is excited about the team's chances in 2016.

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In case you missed it, Seattle Times reporter Tricia Romano got the chance this week to participate in a workout conducted by Seahawks’ safety Kam Chancellor. It’s a fun read detailing Chancellor’s growing interest in running boot camps for women.

Along the way, Romano was able to throw in a few football-related questions, asking Chancellor about his holdout a year ago (Chancellor sat out all of training camp and missed the first two games of the regular season in a contract dispute before returning and playing under the terms of his old deal), what he thinks of the team’s chances in 2016 and his thoughts on Russell Okung’s decision to represent himself in free agency which ultimately led to Okung signing with the Denver Broncos.

Here’s what Chancellor said:

Q: What do you think of the Hawks chances for next year given that a few big names are gone (such as Okung and Marshawn Lynch).

A: The NFL is a business I can’t really control. People are moving to other teams and taking care of their families, as well. They have to take care of themselves as well. That’s an issue that doesn’t really affect us… they are in a position to take care of their family and themselves. Our future depends on us, the people who are in the building to move forward. It’s not one individual that can change anything. It’s about us moving forward together, understanding that we have to have one message and one heart beat. Once we get to that, that’s when we start excelling and get back to Seahawks’ ball like you know.

Q: If you had to go back and do it all again, would you have done the hold out; did you learn anything from it? What did you learn?

A: I learned that I’m a leader, that God put me on this earth to be a leader for my team, and the past is the past, and I’m here to lead my team to do exactly what I was created to do — nothing more, nothing less. I’m here to be the kind of man that helps pull through adversity for my teammates. The big brother, the leader, the captain, and that’s all I’m here to do and that’s what my vision is focused on right now.

Q: What are you most excited about next season?

A: I’m excited to get another chance. All you ask in life is a chance. If you don’t get a chance, sometimes you know, not everybody doesn’t get a chance. Right now we have another chance, to win a Super Bowl, to win a division, to win the conference. Just being able to get that chance again is enough to be excited about.

Q: Curious what you thought about Russell Okung’s decision to represent himself and how that turned out.

A: I’m not sure. I know Russell is a firm believer in himself and I know his faith is strong and whatever he is doing I know he is praying about it, and he’s making that decision for himself. So everything else after that, I really don’t know. Man, it’s always hard to see a brother that you grew up with in same draft (each was drafted in 2010) go to another team, one that you respect and that you had a great relationship with. That doesn’t mean we are gonna stop talking. We are still brothers. We’re still brothers off the field. He’s just going to have a different jersey, a different color, but he’s still my brother.