Humor, especially the self-deprecating kind, has come to define how Ryan has dealt with almost everything during a Seahawks career that ranks as the second-longest tenure among current players.

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RENTON — As Seahawks team physician Jonathan Drezner performed a final postgame clean-up on the broken nose suffered by punter Jon Ryan during Sunday’s wild-card playoff victory over the Minnesota Vikings, Ryan made a little suggestion.

“While you’re in there, you can make a couple more adjustments,’’ Ryan said. “I’ve got a list for you. Maybe I can come out looking like Brad Pitt or something.’’

Humor, especially the self-deprecating kind, has come to define how Ryan has dealt with almost everything during a Seahawks career that ranks as the second-longest tenure among current players, behind defensive tackle Brandon Mebane.

Which makes it no surprise that — in what might also be the team’s second-most high-profile football player/entertainer relationship — Ryan is engaged to comedian Sarah Colonna. Their wedding is scheduled for July.

That date was on Ryan’s mind when he met up with Colonna in the hallway outside the locker room at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis following Sunday’s 10-9 victory.

“Man, I’m going to look like hell in the wedding pictures,’’ Ryan said.

By Wednesday, though, Ryan was looking better than he thought he might. The bruises under his eyes still were visible, but otherwise most of the injuries were becoming a fading memory.

“To be honest with you,’’ he said. “It didn’t actually hurt at all.’’

The play eventually could find its way into Colonna’s act.

“I’ll probably put something in there about it,’’ she said this week.

Being the, well, butt of some of Colonna’s jokes is a price Ryan happily pays.

Colonna, who for years was a regular on “Chelsea Lately,” has written two books and has performed across the country, first met Ryan early in 2014.

Ryan had long been a fan of Colonna’s and happened to bump into another “Chelsea Lately” regular, Mount Vernon native Ross Matthews, on the field before the 2014 NFC title game against the 49ers.

Ryan told Matthews to put in a good word about him with Colonna, and the two began texting.

Colonna, 41, recalls that on the night the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, Ryan texted her nonstop.

“That’s when I was like, ‘He’s genuinely interested in me,’ ” she said. “Because if there was any night he could do whatever he wants, it’s the night of a Super Bowl that he wins, and he’s really just wanting to talk to me.’’

Colonna’s father was a former sports editor of the Orange County Register and she grew up an ardent baseball fan, a passion Ryan shares.

Their relationship grew quickly, and Ryan proposed last fall, handing Colonna a scrapbook of their lives together to that point with a final page stating, “to be continued forever.’’

Everything, though, is grist for a comedian’s mill, and Colonna soon began including the story of the proposal in her act.

“I was nervous at first, because he proposed to me in the nicest way and then I completely make fun of it on stage,’’ she said. “The first time I did it I told him beforehand and he said, ‘I don’t care.’ And he doesn’t. He thinks it’s funny, and he totally gets my sense of humor.”

Ryan said he understood that their life would become part of her act.

“I love it,’’ he said. “Obviously her and I are constantly joking around. Her jokes come from a place of love. They are very funny and obviously taking shots at me. But it’s not in a mean way, but a funny way. All the jokes and all the things she had about our relationship in her act I love.’’

Ryan gets into the act sometimes himself. He tweeted a photo of his bruised face this week with the caption, “You should see the other guy.’’

The injury came on a play in which Ryan said he had no choice but to try to make the best of a bad situation when he got a low snap on Seattle’s first punt in the first quarter Sunday.

After pulling the ball down and thinking a punt would be blocked, Ryan took off running up the middle but was upended a few yards short of a first down. His nose slammed into the turf, and his helmet’s faceguard “broke right in half,’’ he said.

Ryan has heard that some think he should have run to the left or right.

“But this isn’t Madden (the video game) where I could just press the L2 button and go left,’’ he said. “I’m a 34-year-old white guy. I was just trying to get up the field. So maybe it was there, I don’t know. But you never second-guess your instincts. You just go with it.’’

And if Colonna eventually goes with a routine about the play and the nose, that’s fine, too.

“I always tell people that in three years no one’s going to want a picture with me or know what my name is,’’ Ryan said. “So just have fun with it.’’