An April Fool's Day hoax on the Internet about an alternate jersey for the Seahawks was a joke. But the NFL team hasn't ruled out wearing green next season.

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The graphic of a neon-green Seahawks jersey posted on a Web site turned out to be a well-executed April Fool’s Day hoax.

The possibility of the team having green alternate jerseys, however, may not end up being entirely a joke.

The Seahawks have announced no plans to use a different jersey at any point in the upcoming season, a spokesman confirmed. However, NFL teams have the option of using a third jersey.

Reebok previously made a “fashion” jersey that included the electric shade of the Seahawks’ rave green and gray. If the team wears an alternate jersey at some point this season — still a possibility — green would be the most likely color.

However, that third, alternate jersey would not be the design that circulated online Thursday, posted on such sites as and

Paul Soto made that graphic using Photoshop, and it was posted as part of a hoax that included the Web site

“Just an April Fool’s joke — simple as that,” wrote Paul Lukas of in an e-mail.

The template was initially posted on, a site documenting the Hawks’ uniform history. The site is run by Michael Princip.

“I can assure you it’s just a hoax,” Princip e-mailed. “Thankfully, because those green jerseys were awful.”