The Seahawks welcomed members of both teams playing in tonight's game to the VMAC Friday. Locker room "sources'' confirmed that Carroll emerged victorious in a tiebreaker.

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The NBA is not only back in town tonight but also paying some visits to the Seahawks at the VMAC today.

Members of the Golden State Warriors visited with the Seahawks Friday morning, with the team posting some video of receiver Tyler Lockett winning a shooting competition with Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant in the team’s meeting room.

Coach Pete Carroll also had his own competition with Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

And who won that one?

“I’m not that kind of guy to talk about that kind of stuff,” Carroll said slyly. “Might have to ask around a little bit. Wouldn’t want to rub it in.” Carroll then paused before muttering “all-time three-point shooter in the history of hoop” (Kerr has the highest three-point shooting percentage in NBA history).

If that sounds like Carroll won, well, he apparently did, with locker room “sources” confirming that Carroll emerged victorious in a tiebreaker.

Kerr and Carroll have had a tight relationship for a few years — this 2016 story noted that they “bonded” over the book “The Inner Game of Tennis”, which Carroll has long cited as being a particular influence on his coaching philosophy.

“We’ve had a long-standing relationship with them and we are always tracking them and Steve and I have kept in touch, so our guys were able to work it out,” Carroll said. “They are such an extraordinary franchise and doing so many great things, it’s great to kind of be watching them along the way so that when they were here for the ballgame tonight just got it worked out. So we had a great morning with those guys.”

Members of the Sacramento Kings organization also attended Seattle’s practice Friday afternoon.