The Seahawks will hope history doesn't really repeat at the spots where they are scheduled to make picks in the 2016 draft. Seattle has nine picks but has drafted just two full-time starters at any of those spots in their 40-year history.

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In the wake of the NFL making the order of the 2016 draft officially, officially official earlier today, I thought it might be interesting to review the Seahawks’ history at each spot where they will pick this year.

The conclusion? It won’t take much for the players Seattle drafts this year to emerge as the team’s best-ever pick at that spot.

Seattle has drafted just two players at any of the nine spots where they will pick this year that has emerged as a full-time starter, and none that earned a Pro Bowl bid. One caveat? Seattle has never had a pick at two of the spots where it is scheduled to draft this year, thinning the odds a little bit.

This could, of course, be a fruitless endeavor since the odds are good the Seahawks will trade any number of these picks to either move up or, more likely, down as they have often done the last few years.

But for now, the order heading into the draft is set, so let’s look at Seattle’s history at each spot.

No. 26— Seattle has drafted just once here, in 2005, taking center Chris Spencer. He qualifies as one of the most successful players in this exercise having become a starter for Seattle from 2006-10 and then another season with the Bears, with a career that lasted through the 2014 season.

No. 56 — Seattle has never made a pick at this spot. They have had picks at 55 (cornerback Josh Wilson in 2007) and 57 (linebacker Michael Jackson in 1979) but not here.

No. 90 — Seattle also has never made a pick at this spot. They have had picks at 89 (a really good one in 1990 with running back Chris Warren) and 91 (notably receiver Deon Butler in 2009). But not here.

No. 97 — Seattle has made just one pick at this spot, taking defensive end Terry Dion of Oregon in 1980. If you don’t remember his career that may be because Dion played just one year, seeing action in nine games with two official starts. Dion, though, later became the head coach at Aberdeen High.

No. 124 — Seattle’s only pick at this spot is offensive lineman Mansfield Wrotto in 2007. He had a memorable name but not a memorable game with just five starts in parts of three seasons with Seattle before moving on to Chicago and Buffalo and out of the league by 2012.

No. 171 – Here’s another spot where Seattle has made just one pick, offensive tackle Matt Hill in 2002 out of Boise State. But Hill couldn’t climb into the starting lineup, with just two starts in two seasons, and was out of the league by 2004.

No. 215 — Seattle’s only pick at this spot is South Carolina State tight end Robert Tyler in 1989. His career started promisingly enough with three catches for 61 yards in the season opener that year. But he ended the season with just 14 catches for 148 yards and was out of the league by 1990.

No. 225 — Finally, something of a success story in this article. Seattle has had three picks at this spot. Two never played a down in the NFL — defensive back George Adzick of Minnesota in 1977 and defensive end Johnie Church of Florida in 1997. The other was guard J.R. Sweezy out of North Carolina State in 2012. While Spencer had a longer career as a starter, Sweezy probably serves as the most successful player in this group having been a three-year full-time starter for Seattle, including on the Super Bowl team of 2013, before moving on a few weeks ago to Tampa Bay and a five-year, $32.5 million contract.

No. 247 — Seattle has taken just one player at this spot. And in an oddity that can only be described as, well, odd, it’s the second defensive end from Oregon on this list who didn’t pan out. This time it was Nick Reed, who was taken at this spot in 2009 and after an exciting pre-season, did little in 16 regular season games with just 13 tackles and one sack. He never played again for Seattle and was out of football by 2012, and then pursued a career as a fighter pilot.