Seahawks general manager John Schneider said in an interview on ESPN 710 Seattle Tuesday morning he does not expect a repeat of Kam Chancellor's holdout in 2016, and also talked about the offensive line among other topics.

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Appearing to add further validity to the thought that there has been a smoothing out in the relationship between Kam Chancellor and the Seahawks, Seattle general manager John Schneider said during a radio interview on ESPN 710 Seattle Tuesday morning he does not expect Chancellor to hold out in 2016.

“No, I wouldn’t think so,” Schneider said during an appearance on the Brock and Salk Show that was designed in part to promote an April 21 fundraiser for Ben’s Fund, which raises money for helping families who have children on the Autism spectrum.

Schneider reiterated what he had said at the NFL league meetings last month that Chancellor will be part of the Seahawks in 2016, saying “yes, I do” when asked if Chancellor will be on the roster next year.

Chancellor missed all of training camp and the first two games of the 2015 season while holding out in a attempt to get a new and/or improved contract. Chancellor returned without anything being done with his contract, which had led to speculation that the issue might fester into this off-season. Schneider said that he has been in contact with Chancellor throughout the off-season, though so far there is no indication that anything is being done with Chancellor’s contract, which runs through 2017 and is due to pay him $6.1 million this season and $7.8 million in 2017.

Schneider further said that while last year was “a little bit of an odd situation” that Chancellor was “nothing but a pro” once he returned.

All adding further proof that for now, each side seems to feel the issues of last season are, as Chancellor said over the weekend, in “the past.”

Here are a few other notes from Schneider’s interview:

  • Asked about Michael Bennett and his change in agents from Drew Rosenhaus to Doug Hendrickson, Schneider said “Doug actually is a good friend of mine along with Drew and the agent community. Not exactly sure why Michael made that decision but from a communication standpoint it’s really going to be the same as it always has.”
  • Schneider talked a bit about the offensive line and how it has been constructed. Schneider said the team has not made a conscious decision to devote less money to the offensive line but that it’s sort of just worked out that way. “When you’re constructing a team, especially the way we are in the salary cap era, you are going to be focusing on keeping key players,” he said. “It so happens for us the way we have built this defensively, we have been pretty heavy (in spending on the defensive side of the ball). … and then obviously our quarterback is taking off right now.” Schneider reiterated that the Seahawks are not done adding to the offensive line saying “it’s just a matter of constantly trying to address that position, I should say, and it never stops. So we addressed it earlier in free agency, we’ll address it again in this draft and then we’ll see what’s happening this summer.”
  • Asked about the group of offensive linemen in the draft, Schneider said it appears to be a good group and pretty even throughout, meaning there isn’t necessarily a big dip in talent from one round to the next. “It’s better than it has been in several years,” he said. “There doesn’t appear to be as many dropoffs, if you will. … this one looks pretty consistent all the way through at this point.” One possible takeaway from that comment? The Seahawks may not feel compelled to take an offensive linemen with their first pick if they feel the talent level is essentially the same as they can get a pick later.
  • Asked about the talk about Russell Wilson’s possible weight gain, Schneider said “I’m not worried about him at all.”