Seahawks general manager John Schneider said Tuesday his contract situation is a "non-story'' and said he and coach Pete Carroll "are going to keep staying together.''

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If not something to worry about — and by all accounts it isn’t — it at least piques the curiosity some that Seahawks general manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll each have just one year remaining on their contracts.

And while Schneider and Carroll are happy to talk at length about most aspects concerning the team, their own contract statuses are something they typically try to brush off quickly, seeming to add a little bit of mystery to it all.

But Schneider, asked about his contract and that he and Carroll are each entering the final season, said at the NFL league meetings Tuesday that it’s not a concern.

“We are just both, Pete and I we love doing what we are doing and we are happy,’’ Schneider said. “It’s not really a story. We just love working together.’’

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Asked if his contract is something that needs to be addressed, Schneider said: “Pete and I have a great relationship and we are just in a really good spot. We are just going to keep staying together and keep doing what we are doing and see how long we can make it last.’’

Schneider signed a contract extension in June, 2013 that took him through the 2016 season. Carroll signed a new three-year contract in April 2014 that also carried through the 2016 season. Each arrived in 2010 after the Seahawks fired Jim Mora, Carroll hired first and then guiding the effort to bring on Schneider as general manager.

When Carroll signed his extension in 2014, he was entering the final season of his original five-year contract with the Seahawks, same as he is now.

And conventional wisdom is that he is likely to again sign a contract this spring, assuring that when the season begins he will have multiple years remaining on his contract. Still, it has yet to be done. At the NFL combine last month, though, Carroll similarly tried to skate past the topic quickly, saying only “I’m doing great.” There was a later report that Carroll and the Seahawks have begun negotiations on an extension, but nothing has yet to be finalized and it’s unclear how far along the discussions are.

Carroll, who will turn 65 in September, is thought to make close to $9 million a season.

Here are a few other notes from Schneider’s meeting with the media here Tuesday:

  • Asked about the recovery of tight end Jimmy Graham, who suffered a patellar tendon injury in November, Schneider said: “Jimmy is doing great. He’s down in Florida rehabbing right now and he says he is doing great. Just feel bad for him. It was a bad injury.’’
  • Receiver Jermaine Kearse was among the Seahawks who the team recently re-signed to a contract, agreeing to a three-year deal worth $13.5 million. That came after there was a report that Kearse had already decided to leave Seattle and was looking forward to playing with a new team. Schneider, though, said that may have just been some pre-free agency posturing. “I just think before free agency there is always, free agency is hard,’’ Schneider said. “We had 17 guys, so it’s hard to show enough love to as many guys to spread the wealth, if you will. I think that was just part of the beginning phase of free agency and maybe strategic in a certain way.’’
  • Schneider said the Seahawks will look to a variety of players to replace the production lost with the departure of Bruce Irvin, who signed with Oakland. Irvin played as both a strongside linebacker and a rush end. Schneider said second-year player Frank Clark could take more of Irvin’s rush end snaps and that Mike Morgan and Cassius Marsh will vie for his strongside linebacking duties. Of Clark, Schneider said: “When we drafted Frank you have to prepare for the possibilities of not having some players and obviously wanted to have Bruce back but if the two of them were on the same team again that would have been great but to a certain extent you have to be looking towards the future so you are exactly right. The right end especially he does a nice job rushing there and he does a nice job inside too.’’ Schneider, though, said Clark would not be asked to do much dropping in coverage, with those roles falling to Morgan and Marsh. “Mike Morgan and Marsh will compete there,” he said. “That would be your two guys right now who would compete at that spot as of March 22nd.’’