Seahawks GM John Schneider addressed rumors about Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman and more during a meeting with media at the NFL league meetings Tuesday.

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Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider met with beat writers who cover the team for about 20 minutes or so Tuesday, fielding a questions on a number of different topics.

Here is what he said about some of the newsier topics surrounding the team:

On Monday’s arrest of backup quarterback Trevone Boykin on suspicion of marijuana possession and public intoxication.

Schneider said the team was still in the information-gathering stage and it was too early to know if the incident could impact Boykin’s status with Seahawks in 2017, though he also noted the plan all along has been to sign a third quarterback at some point. Boykin has a preliminary date in Dallas County District Court on May 3.

Said Schneider: “We are still getting all the information. I haven’t even read the police report yet. I spoke with him yesterday afternoon and he was incredibly apologetic. Felt like wrong place at the wrong time but we have to keep researching it and find out what is going on in terms of his future with the club, like I said I don’t have all the information yet. But we are obviously going to have somebody in there competing with him at some point.’’

On the reports that Marshawn Lynch wants to come out of retirement to play for the Oakland Raiders.

Schneider noted that Lynch’s agent is Doug Hendrickson, who also represents the likes of Michael Bennett, but said that for now, nothing has changed in Lynch’s status as a retired player.

Said Schneider: “I talk to his representatives all the time. They have a ton of players. Marshawn, what I can tell you is he’s on reserve/retired as a Seattle Seahawk right now. And that’s where it stands. It kind of took off like wildfire for one weekend.”

On the rumors that the team would listen to trade offers for cornerback Richard Sherman.

Schneider didn’t rule out that the team would listen to an offer for any player — a report from former NFL exec Michael Lombardi last week said the team would be open to trading Sherman for the right price — but didn’t indicate there has been any specific talk about Sherman. But it’s also worth noting he did not use the occasion to say that the team would not listen to any offers for Sherman specifically.

Said Schneider: “I mean, we listen. We listen to like everything you would think. We’re in a lot of stuff. We try to pride ourselves on that. I think I’ve told you guys before we walk away from 98 percent of the deals that we’re involved with or talking about. But at least we know that we’ve knocked down there door, we’ve gone in there and checked it out. We’re not just going to assume. We always just have to constantly be thinking about the organization and how we’re going to move it forward.”

On Colin Kaepernick and if he thinks there is anything to the idea that he hasn’t been signed yet because of his political stances.

Schneider said “I’d be lying” to say he didn’t think Kaepernick would be signed right now. But he said all factors have to be considered when assessing why he has yet to sign.

Said Schneider: “I don’t even know what they’re like looking for or anything like that, so I just think there’s a lot of speculation. I don’t even know. I read something this morning where they were looking for $8 or $9 million and we’ve very much been on the periphery of it. But I don’t want to get into the whether he’s signed or not signed because of what he did. I’m not sure to what extent that has to do with it. I think you have to look at all the football stuff and how he fits your system.”

On if recently fired Washington GM Scot McCloughan, who worked with the Seahawks from 2010-13, could return to Seattle

McCloughan, recall, officially resigned to tend to personal matters from his job with the Seahawks in 2014. For now, Schneider said, there is no chance that McCloughan will return to Seattle. McCloughan was fired by Washington earlier this month.

Said Schneider: “Yeah. I’ve talked to him. He’s got other things going on. He’s got other opportunities so not at this point.”