Seahawks general manager John Schneider said in a radio interview on KJR-AM Wednesday that the strength of the 2016 NFL Draft is the best since 2010.

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The Seattle Seahawks have more often traded down to acquire more picks than moved up in the NFL Draft during the John Schneider/Pete Carroll regime.

And the idea that the Seahawks could look to go that route again was reinforced Wednesday when Schneider appeared on KJR-AM 950 and called the 2016 Draft “the best one’’ since 2010.

“(The) 2010 (draft) was a good draft and in our opinion this is the best one since, just from a pure numbers standpoint,’’ Schneider said during an appearance with morning host Mitch Levy designed in part to promote his Ben’s Fund foundation.

“Now there are different dips and shelves all the way throughout the draft and this one is no different in that regard. But from a pure numbers standpoint this is a good one.’’

The Seahawks already have nine picks in the draft so they are hardly in a situation where they need to add. But if the depth is as Schneider says, Seattle could look again to add numbers.

Here are a few more notes from Schneider’s appearance:

  • Schneider said he would be shocked if running back Thomas Rawls and tight end Jimmy Graham were not available for the start of the regular season — Rawls is rehabbing from a broken left ankle and Graham a torn patellar tendon in his knee. “Yeah at this point I would be,’’ he said. “Right now their rehab is going well. We just need to get them, we’re trying get them ready for the season, not trying to get them ready to play Minnesota in the pre-season.’’ Schneider said it was “too early to tell’’ if either would be available for the pre-season but added “quite honestly if they don’t play in the preseason for a couple of games I’m totally cool with that.’’
  • Asked about the recent re-signing of defensive end Chris Clemons, Schneider said the team will “maybe have him take some of Bruce’s (Irvin) situational rushes.’’ He said Clemons battled some knee issues last year and played more than Jacksonville anticipated but that the Seahawks think that “as a situational rusher he’s got some cool juice left.’’
  • Asked about how the free agency period unfolded, Schneider reiterated what he said at the league meetings about the importance of re-signing cornerback Jeremy Lane and receiver Jermaine Kearse, each players the team had thought might get away. “Didn’t know how we’d be able to compete with Kearse and Lane and that was a concern, so being able to re-sign those guys was huge for us.’’
  • Schneider essentially confirmed that the Seahawks did not have an offer on the table for left tackle Russell Okung at the end of his negotiations. “When you get to that point with certain free agents and guys you have been with for a long time, sometimes a change of scenery is better,’’ Schneider said. … “Russell, he was the first guy we ever took and we were able to pick and could we have gotten back in it? I’m not sure we would have been able to compete with that on a one-year deal.’’ Asked if that would have been due in part to salary cap issues he agreed.