Seattle pretty much got Ds across the board for the pick of the San Diego State tailback.

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The Seahawks probably don’t care much what the outside world thinks of their pick of San Diego State running back Rashaad Penny in the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday night.

And that’d be a good thing since it turns out there there were few draftniks who thought that Penny was, well, worth a first-round pick, with many questioning not-so-much Penny’s abilities but that he likely could have been had much later in the draft.

Seattle’s picks, of course, have been universally slammed before (notably, Russell Wilson) and the Seahawks and their fans will hope this one turns out like some of those did.

Here’s a sampling of what was said.

Dan Kadar, SBNation

Grade: D-plus.

Comment: “Let me preface this by saying the last time I gave the Seahawks a bad draft grade it was the year they took Russell Wilson. Penny was one of the biggest surprise choices of the first round. It wasn’t truly a stunner that the Seahawks picked a running back. But to pass on Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, and Derrius Guice for Penny was unexpected. You can argue scheme fit, and maybe Penny will be a superstar and the new Marshawn Lynch in Seattle. It just seems like he could’ve been had later in the draft. At least he wasn’t the choice at No. 18 and the Seahawks were able to get a pick on the draft’s second day.’’

Mike Tanier, Bleacher Report

Grade: D-plus.

Comment: “Still, this selection is…inscrutable. Many experts assumed the Seahawks would seek reinforcements for what’s left of the Legion of Boom, but they drafted heavily in the secondary last year. Offensive line is always a sinkhole, but the Seahawks decided years ago that they were going to pretend not to notice. Penny feels like a luxury for a team that entered the draft with just one pick among the top 100 and is clearly doing some renovations, if not a rebuild. And there may be better running backs on the board. Sorry, Penny: Don’t take this grade personally. It’s not you, it’s them.”

Chad Reuter,

Grade: D.

Comment: “There was zero surprise that the Seahawks traded down, as they expected their guys to be available later. I believe Penny is a good back, but they picked him too early. This is the modus operandi for the Seahawks in recent years, picking someone in the first round much earlier than most people project. And, in most cases, the picks haven’t worked out.’’

Pete Prisco,

Grade: D

Comment: “He’s a nice runner, but they have so many other needs and there are better backs. Weird.’’

Mel Kiper,

Grade: Kiper didn’t give grades but filed Seattle’s choice under the heading “Question Marks.’’

Comment: “This is a head-scratching pick. Rashaad Penny in Round 1? The San Diego State running back is the No. 57 player on my Big Board. And look at the backs still on the board — Derrius Guice (LSU), Sony Michel and Nick Chubb(Georgia). Even Ronald Jones III (USC) had a higher grade than Penny. If Seattle wanted a bell cow back, it could have done better. And what about defensive back or offensive line or edge rusher? I can’t wrap my head around this one.’’

Pro Football Weekly

Grade: None given.

Comment:I’m a huge Rashaad Penny fan, and the Seahawks had to buy a ticket to Day 2 of the draft, which they did in their move down with Green Bay netting them the 76th overall pick. But why not spend that pick on a back and secure better value at No. 27? And what about Chris Carson? Remember him, the seventh-rounder whom Pete Carroll raved about before Carson’s rookie season-ending injury? Penny doesn’t create his own holes, which is needed running beind a still-bad Seahawks offensive line. Such an odd pick — again, I really like the player but not more than Derrius Guice (he makes his own holes), Nick Chubb (also his own blocker) and Sony Michel, among a few others.’’

Danny Kelly, The Ringer

Grade: Kelly gave it an A for fit but a C-minus for value.

Comment: “Penny does fit Seattle’s type to a T: He’s big (5-foot-11, 220 pounds), physical, and breaks a ton of tackles (he led all draft-eligible backs with 80 forced missed tackles on runs last year, per PFF). That elusiveness and ability to pick up yards after contact should come in handy behind Seattle’s subpar offensive line, but the Seahawks are paying a high premium on the running back position when they have so many other more pressing needs. ‘’

Walter Football

Grade: D.

Comment: “The Seahawks are clearly eager to replace Marshawn Lynch, but this is not a good decision. Rashaad Penny was seen as a second- or third-round prospect among teams. I know one team in the early 40s that was targeting him, and I imagine they’re surprised that he was taken. I almost gave this a Millen grade – I would’ve gone with Kielbasa-Mode – but the Seahawks don’t have a second-round choice and almost certainly wouldn’t have gotten Penny in the third. So, I understand this pick … sort of. The Seahawks could’ve traded down once more to get Penny. ‘’