The NFL is asking fans to vote on the three games of their favorite team they want the league to make available on YouTube. Among Seahawks' fans choices are the Super Bowl win over Denver.

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As avid fans of NFL history may know, the league has never officially made available full-length replays of games for viewing on YouTube.

But that is changing as the league announced Friday that it will upload three classic games from each NFL team onto YouTube.

The three will be chosen in a vote of fans, who can pick from among five candidates.

Fans can vote for their favorite games by visiting

The page provides links to each team’s Facebook page where a poll is posted asking fans to vote for their favorite game. The three games that get the most votes will be uploaded to the NFL’s official YouTube account ( prior to the start of the 2016 season.

Voting is currently open and will run through early next week.

For the Seahawks, fans can vote on the following games:

  • 2014 NFC Championship Game vs. Packers.
  • 2013 NFC Championship Game vs. 49ers.
  • 1983 AFC Divisional Round vs. Dolphins.
  • 2010 NFC Wild Card Game vs. Saints.
  • Super Bowl XLVIII.

The five choices, according to the NFL, were selected in collaboration with NFL Films and the Seahawks.

As someone who has followed the team since day one, I have one really easy choice — the 1983 divisional playoff win against the Dolphins that still has to rank as maybe the greatest upset and road win in team history and a game that since it was in the pre-internet age is one I haven’t seen more than a snippet or two of here or there since the day it was played. It’d also be a great history lesson for younger Seahawks fans who may look at the Ring of Honor and see names like Dave Kreig, Jacob Green and Curt Warner and wonder how they played (not to mention Steve Largent, who I usually assume even casual fans have seen a lot of through the years).

While the Super Bowl win over Denver is undoubtedly the biggest win in team history, to me it might be the least interesting of the five available to want to watch again from start-to-finish, simply because there wasn’t a whole lot of drama (not that it’s not a fun one to want to review again and again).

If I had to choose two others, I think I’d go with the championship game wins over the Packers and 49ers, each of which had lots of twists and turns and ultimately a dramatic comeback by the Seahawks.

It sort of seems weird that the franchise’s first run to the Super Bowl in 2006 (2005 season) isn’t represented in any way. But it’s also nice to know that the Seahawks’ recent success has suddenly made it a difficult task to choose just five games for a poll like this.