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Receiver Doug Baldwin had an eventful stretch during the final few minutes of the Seahawks’ 26-6 playoff victory over the Detroit Lions on Saturday night at CenturyLink Field.

First Baldwin made an incredible catch, trapping the ball against his backside for a first down. Two plays later he caught a 13-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson, appearing to steal a pass that seemed intended for teammate Jermaine Kearse.

On the first play the Seahawks had the ball on third-and-9 at Detroit’s 24-yard line. Wilson took the snap in the shotgun formation and threw to Baldwin on the right side of the field. The pass was ruled incomplete, but Baldwin jumped up and motioned to coach Pete Carroll to challenge the play. He did, and after a review the play was ruled a catch, giving the Seahawks a first down. The play was reminiscent of former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez’s “butt fumble” play from 2012.

Seahawks 26, Lions 6

Then on second-and-9 at the Detroit 13, Wilson took the snap out of the shotgun and passed over the middle. Baldwin was running alongside Kearse at the goal line and snatched the ball with one hand, catching the TD pass and preventing Kearse from doing so.