Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said Wednesday at the Pro Bowl in Orlando, Fla., that a proposed penalty to the team for not disclosing his knee injury late in the season is "foolishness.''

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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman told ESPN Wednesday morning that a proposed penalty for the team for not disclosing his late-season knee injury is “foolishness” and that he thinks the NFL is being “a little too hard on our team for no reason.”

ESPN reported last week that the NFL could consider elevating what is already a loss of a fifth-round pick for violations regarding off-season workouts into a second-rounder for not disclosing a knee injury that Sherman played through the second half of the season.

Sherman is one of seven Seahawks playing in the Pro Bowl Sunday in Orlando, Fla., and he talked to ESPN after what was the first practice for that game on Wednesday. That Sherman is playing in the game will undoubtedly be part of Seattle’s defense to the NFL for why it doesn’t deserve any additional penalty, with the team contending it shows that Sherman’s injury, which coach Pete Carroll said was “an MCL problem” was not overly serious.

Asked about the injury and potential penalty for non-disclosure by ESPN’s Sal Palantonio, Sherman said: “I heard some foolishness like that. That’s just unfortunate. I think they kind of are a little too hard on our team for no reason. I think if there’s other teams that kind of just got docked for the same thing, so it’s going to be curious how they treat the other teams.”

Sherman said of the injury that: “You know, everybody plays banged up. It’s a rough sport. You just keep playing. It is what it is. (I’m) good enough to be out here (at the Pro Bowl). So I’m good enough. All these guys are banged up, nicked up. It just is what it is. Football is violent. It’s a 100 percent injury rate.”

There is no timetable for a decision on the NFL’s investigation into the Sherman injury and if Seattle should have disclosed it.

The NFL injury report policy states that “the (daily) Practice Report is expected to provide clubs and the public an accurate description of a player’s injury status and his level of participation during the practice week. All players who have significant or noteworthy injuries must be listed on the Practice Report, even if the player takes all the reps in practice, and even if the team is certain that he will play in the upcoming game. This is especially true of key players and those players whose injuries have been covered extensively by the media.’’