Seattle Seahawks coaches say Marshawn Lynch should be able to handle a usual workload in Sunday's wild-card playoff game at Minnesota.

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One of the questions surrounding Marshawn Lynch’s return — whether he could be expected to quickly resume his usual role in the Seattle offense with just a few days or practice — appears to have an answer.

After Lynch’s first full practice with the team Wednesday since having abdominal surgery on Nov. 25, Seattle coaches said there’s no reason he couldn’t have 20-25 carries in Sunday’s wild-card playoff game at Minnesota.

“If he’s going, that’s what I would expect,” said Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell following practice. “I expect him to be full go, full speed and just do like we normally do.”

Offensive line coach Tom Cable echoed those comments saying Lynch has “been fantastic. Exactly what he said.”

Asked if Lynch seems any different than before, Cable said “yeah, he’s got a few more jokes than when he left. So it’s good.”

Asked if it’s realistic for Lynch to have a regular workload after surgery and not having played since Nov. 15, Cable said: “Well I think when you understand who he is — he’s a pro. And so he hasn’t been out doing nothing. He’s been working to get ready to go play football again and recover. And so once we got through recovery, the workouts he’s doing are very extreme, and then you watch him work today — he’s on it.”

Cable had recently said that one ask for Lynch when he returned would be to neatly fit back into an offense that has emerged in his absence to become one of the best in the NFL.

Cable said Lynch appears to have done just that.

“He’s adapted very well,” Cable said. “I think he’s done a great job of recognizing where this team is at and their vibe and he’s come right in and went to work and it’s been really good.”