Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talked about the struggles of the offense, the stridency of the defense, and more when he met the media following Seattle's 6-6 tie with Arizona.

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Here is all that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had to say after Sunday’s bizarre 6-6 tie with the Arizona Cardinals.

Opening statement: “Well that was really an amazing football game. I don’t thing I’ve ever been in a tie before and my brain doesn’t know where to go on that. If I have, I don’t remember it and I’ve washed it out. It was an incredible match of two teams just battling. It stayed so close because both defenses played so well and kept us in there to give us a chance. There were so many sequences in there where I know our defense – like right before the half and throughout the whole first half and right before the first half to keep them from getting on the board. Then again and again and again, there were just so many chances where we could’ve let up and given them an opportunity to bust it out and win it and the guys just wouldn’t do it. The Kelcie McCray tackle down there to give us a chance to stop them and then hanging in there and forcing them to get out of there, the blocks, the block on the punt then on the field goal. Incredible special teams plays. (Steven) Hauschka made his kicks to give us a chance and unfortunately he didn’t make the last one. He’s been making kicks for years around here and everything was in sequence, everything went OK timing wise we just didn’t hit it. He has hit a lot of winners and as we go down the road here it will be much different and we will get different outcomes than that one. I thought it was just an unusual game and I don’t really know what to tell you other than that. I don’t even know what that tie means, I don’t know if that affects the course of things or not. Two hard fighting teams battled it out tonight and unfortunately nobody won.”

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On what he said to Steven Hauschka: “Just checked in with him. He has been making kicks for us for years. I love him and he’s our guy. I was watching it, I was watching the sequence and if we weren’t right or our timing wasn’t right, if we weren’t in the sequence that we normally are, I would’ve called a time-out there because I don’t want us to rush anything. Everything looked fine and we were clean and I thought the best thing was to let our guys do what they always do. Of course we figure we’re going to make it.”

On what playing 90 plays and holding Arizona to six points says about his defense: “Incredible. It was incredible all night long. It starts right up front, they ran a million plays right in the freaking ‘A’ gap and they tried to stuff it at you and we just kept slugging it out. It was just an incredible display of who they are and what they’re all about. These guys have been fighting together for a long time and you can tell. It means the world to them. They fought like that until there was no time to play.”

On what his impression of Richard Sherman’s play on Larry Fitzgerald tonight: “I don’t know that I can single our Sherman more than anybody else. I thought everybody played great, they had to. I’m sure Richard did some really good things of course, under the circumstances of covering Larry; Larry is an incredible football player. We all know that. It takes everything you got to slow him down and he did that. But there were a bunch of guys that made plays tonight and Richard made his share.”

On what the issues were on offense: “We just couldn’t get in sync at all. We couldn’t get any kind of sync in the first half and if we made play all of the sudden the penalties started jumping up on us. We must have had three or four holds on us, they were really costly in a tough and tight game. They impacted our drives, first and 20 we weren’t able to make it back. It just was no rhythm so we started over again at halftime.”

On how much Russell Wilson’s mobility is effecting him right now: “It is a factor but he played his heart out. I don’t know how much harder you can ask a guy to play. He’s not making any yards running, just look at the stats.”

On what happened to Bradley Sowell: “He sprained his knee. MCL sprain, I don’t know how serious it is but he is hobbling a little bit right now.”

On what his message to the team was after the game: “That it just identified the heart and the connectedness that this team stands for and is all about. We’re going to move forward and this doesn’t mean that we are not a good team or anything it means that this is what happened tonight. What it does mean is that you know who you got. You’ve got a bunch of guys that will give it up for you forever and it is an amazing group of guys.”

On the running game: “I think we only had like 13 or 14 plays, it seemed like nothing in the first half. We just didn’t get started. Field position was a big thing too, it was tilted a little bit and they did a nice job keeping us backed up. But it just took us a little while to get going and sometimes that’s what happens.”

On how he talks to the team after this: “I said I don’t really have a good place to make sense of this for them because we just don’t live this way but the obvious was talking about who we are. This team showed who they were and every week we go out we try to put it on the line and show what we’re all about, how hard we’ll fight and how much it means to us and we stand by that. That’s what they did today, we just didn’t execute and perform as well as we would’ve liked. Sometimes the defense is going to have their night and the offense isn’t and sometimes it is going to be the other way around. We know it’s going to be back and forth and that has no bearing on the way we look at things here. We just have to get right and get better and make sure when we need you, you’re there for us. And when we needed it, the offense got down the field and we just didn’t get it done at the end. We will figure it out and talk a little about it tomorrow, tell the truth and then we’ll move on.”

On Cliff Avril’s play the last two weeks: “He’s doing great and he was really giving them troubles. I thought the rush was really hard on Carson (Palmer), I think, I don’t know his numbers but it seemed like it. I thought they did a darn good job.”

On if there was something they saw on the punt block: “Every week we look at stuff. We are looking for stuff every week so the answer is such an obvious answer I don’t want to make you feel bad for answering it that way, okay?”

On if he has a timetable on when Russell Wilson will no longer have his limitations: “No. Come one now, what timetable would I go on? He is busting his tail to do everything he can, he is giving his total heart and soul every time he goes and he is playing in the NFL doing pretty darn good against some pretty darn good football teams. I’m amazed that he has done what he’s done in this early part of the season and he’s getting better. He came out of this game feeling better so there will come a time, and you’ll know, it will be really obvious.”

On if K.J. Wright is healthy going forward: “Yeah, we had some guys that had some heat issues today. There were a lot of plays and right now (Richard) Sherman, Bobby (Wagner), K.J (Wright) and some guys are really gassed from just the fluid thing so they are working really hard to take care of those guys right now.”

On big defensive plays down the stretch: “Kelcie’s (McCray) play was phenomenal because he was the only guy that had a chance and he got it done and then what happened after that was incredible. They (Arizona) didn’t knock it in right there, they are a good football team, they’re going to knock it in right there and we just didn’t let them. Every one of those plays there was somebody in there that was battling up front and keeping that line of scrimmage in our favor. I mean they only had to make this much, and then they had to make this much and then it was like this and our guys were able to keep them out of there and force the kick that didn’t work. I could rave about our guys forever. This isn’t like this one game where it was ‘Boy this is a good performance.’ These guys have played like this for years around here and it matters to them and they care so much about it. That’s why they can find a way to play 90 plays in this game and still finish. Getting off the field they can’t even walk, these guys couldn’t walk off the field because they’re so drained. That’s what we’ve come to understand and we love them for it.”