Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Friday the team accepted the NFL's ruling regarding the concussion protocol and Russell Wilson but is glad changes are being made to avoid confusion in the future.

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In his first comments on the topic since the NFL ruled Thursday that the Seahawks violated the league’s concussion protocol in handling an injury to Russell Wilson on Nov. 9 at Arizona, Seattle coach Pete Carroll said the team did not knowingly do anything wrong. The Seahawks were fined $100,000 by the league on Thursday.

But Carroll also noted that the league said in its statement it is making an immediate change to the protocol in how teams are notified of players who may be concussed. The Seahawks said in their statement Thursday that confusion about why Wilson was being sent off the field led to any mistakes in how the concussion protocol was handled.

“We accepted (the ruling),” Carroll said. “I think something positive came out of it because there have been some changes that have been created to help with what caused the issue last time. We never had any intention of trying to avoid that at all; it’s just the way that things came down. I see why the league did what they did; the best thing about this is that it shouldn’t happen like that again, and we made some changes to help us. In the long-run, it’s a good thing.”

In its statement Thursday in conjunction with the NFLPA, the league said “an immediate update will be made to the protocol instructing officials, teammates, and coaching staff to take players directly to a member of the medical team for a concussion assessment. The NFL and the NFLPA will continue to look at potential modifications to the protocols in an effort to keep players safe.”

Wilson has said he did not have a concussion but instead had a jaw injury and said Thursday he did not think the team did anything wrong.

“I thought everything was done in the right way,” Wilson said Thursday. “There was a lot of confusion. I didn’t really understand why I was coming out of the game anyway, I was completely clear. My jaw was a little messed up but other than that, that is what they decided.”