Pete Carroll says he stood on top of the lockers to give a post-game speech in Baltimore mostly just because there was no other option.

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While Seahawks coach Pete Carroll embraces doing things a little differently, he also says he really had no choice but to go to the top of the lockers to give his post-game speech following Sunday’s win in Baltimore.

Like many NFL locker rooms, the one in Baltimore is divided by and there was no space big enough for Carroll to talk to the entire team without going up on the locker themselves.

The 64-year-old Carroll said it’s something he has done before, though he joked that “I did that in one leap. A single bound.’’

Many visiting locker rooms are small and not necessarily designed to help the opposing team. Dividing the room with the lockers, for instance, makes it difficult for coaches to address the entire team at once.

“It seems like the design is very humble kind of setups, very small, and usually segmented,’’ Carroll said, though he added it’s simply part of the deal. “You’re either competing or you’re not,’’ he said.

Carroll, though, said that means visiting teams have to get creative at times.

“We have to figure out a way,’’ he said. “At the end of the game, when there’s so much stuff, they’re getting ready to load everything up, there’s not as much freedom. … there’s not as much area to move around, so it gets even more restricted than early. It wasn’t really that big of a problem. I think we were kind of in the foyer on the way out. That’s all that was.”