Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talked about the futures of Trevone Boykin, DeShawn Shead, Earl Thomas, Tyler Lockett and more at the NFL league meetings Wednesday.

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talked to the media for more than an hour Wednesday at the NFL league meetings addressing questions on a variety of different topics.

Getting the most attention were comments about the futures of Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman, which are covered here and here.

Here is what Carroll said on a few other topics.

The future of backup QB Trevone Boykin

Carroll echoed the comments of general manager John Schneider, that the team will wait to get some more information before making any decision on the future of Boykin, a backup quarterback arrested Monday in the Dallas area on misdemeamor charges of marijuana possession and public intoxication.

“We’re just waiting on finding out what all took place and that,’’ Carroll said.

The recovery of Earl Thomas and Tyler Lockett

Carroll said that each player — each recovering from broken legs suffered in December – should be ready for training camp but may not fully participate in any team activities until then.

“Tyler’s a little bit ahead cause of the surgery he had,’’ Carroll said. “Earl’s doing really well.  They’ll be around and involved in a little bit of everything but they won’t be able to go full-speed.  We probably won’t get either guy until camp.  I know Tyler wants to get back sooner than that, he may, but we’ll see.’’

The status of Kam Chancellor’s contract extension

Simply put, Carroll said the team would “love’’ to get the seven-year veteran strong safety under a new contract soon, though he didn’t offer specifics.

“We would love to do something there, yeah,’’ Carroll said.

Seattle typically gets its extensions done later in the spring, near the end or after the free agent signing period. So things might begin to happen more quickly on that front – as well as center Justin Britt — in the coming months.

Carroll also said Chancellor had surgery on both ankles in February to clean up some lingering issues.

He had both of his ankles cleaned up at the same time. Can you imagine that? I can’t even imagine that. He couldn’t even walk at all for a week or something, but he said, ‘it’s going to be the hardest way to do it, but it’ll be good for me.’ he had both ankles operated on on the same day. I think that’s crazy, but he did it. He’s a stud.”

The position of newly-signed defensive back Bradley McDougald

McDougald, a starting safety for Tampa Bay the last two seasons, signed with the Seahawks last week. Carroll said Mcdougald could serve as a backup at both safety spots as well as possibly being used in a hybrid “big nickelback’’ role.

However, Carroll said he would not be considered as a true cornerback.

“He can (play both safety spots),’’ Carroll said. “He’s been good enough in the past to move guys around on their own team.  There’s a chance we can be creative with some stuff and we’ll look forward to figuring that out.”

The new rule banning players from leaping over the line to block field goals/PATs

Carroll said he voted for to ban players from leaping over the line of scrimmage to block field goals and PATs.

The NFL revealed Tuesday that the rule passed 32-0 much to the consternation of Chancellor and middle linebacker Bobby Wagner, who each famously pulled off leaps to great success over the past three seasons and too to Twitter to protest that the play is now banned.

Carroll, though, said he felt he had no choice but to go along with the rule change, which the NFL proposed on behalf of player safety.

“Well, the examples that they showed us were the really bad examples,’’ Carroll said. “They didn’t show the examples of how pretty it is when a guy leaps over with great body control and make the play and all.  Guys were landing on their head and falling all over each other.  It was a mess when we looked at it so I could vote against it the way it was going cause they really did have examples that looked dangerous and it didn’t look like what we looked like at all.  I was kind of disappointed they didn’t show out clips but I understand why they didn’t.  It wouldn’t  have sent the kind of message they were trying to get done.”

The timeline for a return for cornerback DeShawn Shead

Shead is recovering from an ACL injury suffered in the divisional playoff loss at Atlanta. Carroll said again that Shead is unlikely to be ready for the start of the season, though he said Shead is setting that as a goal.

“He is shooting for the first ball game, at least that’s his goal that he has in mind,’’ Carroll said. “We’d be really surprised if he could do that but DeShawn is an amazing player and he can do anything, so if he makes it back before then it will be fitting for the way he has approached the game and the way he’s been about rehabbing, returning and overcoming odds and all of that.  He’s in good spirits about it, he’s excited about his rehab.  I visited with him a week ago so we’ll see what happens. It’s a little bit out of everybody’s hands, just gonna see how it works out for him.”