Here are quotes from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll after Seattle's wildcard playoff win over Detroit Saturday touching on injury updates, Doug Baldwin's big day, and more.

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Here are some quotes from what Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said to the media following Saturday’s 26-6 wildcard playoff win over the Detroit Lions. Topics include what he thought of the running game, health issues, key plays in the game, and more:

Opening statement: “Boy, that one really felt good. That was the game we’ve been looking for, style-wise, fit-wise, offense and defense. Both sides of the ball played great tonight. Really fired up to see us run the football like that. Obviously, you guys all saw it and Thomas got a bunch of yards, but the guys up front did a fantastic job, starting with Britt and working on out, everybody. Tight ends contributed. Marcel contributed, too, at fullback. It was just a terrific night to see us run the football. Defensively, to hold those guys without getting a touchdown is really big time this time of year in playoff football. That’s a terrific group of guys they have over there. We have great respect for the quarterback and their guys, so it was just a fantastic night. So, really fired up about it.”

On whether he sensed that the running game would work so well with Thomas Rawls: “I really had a sense it was going to happen [laughter] no, I didn’t. But I’m telling you, that’s the game we’ve been looking for. That’s what we were looking for a couple weeks ago, we just haven’t been able to get him enough opportunities. You can see what happened, as soon as he gets going, and he gets feeling it, and he looks exactly like the guy that we saw last year. He just had a hard time getting rolling, for a number of whatever reasons, it doesn’t matter now. The cool thing is the way it fit together. I’m really fired up for the guys up front. They had a lot of garbage come their way, a lot of talk about them, and they’re really pumped up about what they did today.”

On going for it on fourth down at the 2 on the play where Paul Richardson caught a TD pass: “I had a feeling that we were playing OK on D, and we just wanted to go for it, that’s all. We just wanted to go for it, and that was an opportunity to do that. We had looked like we were doing things work. It just felt like we would be able to pull it off.”

On Richardson’s spectacular catches: “Yeah, just really great plays. The receivers across the board played great. They did all kinds of things. Terrific catches by Paul, of course. The one hander, and the one he came up for and the back shoulder throw. A great throw by Russ. And then Doug’s plays, too. There were incredible plays tonight. It was awesome. Jimmy fit in real nice, and had a couple big plays for us. So, it was a big night for the catchers.”

On whether Baldwin talked him into the successful challenge on the “butt catch” in the fourth quarter: “He came back saying I caught that ball. There’s been a couple times over the years when I have not gone with that. You couldn’t see anything on other times and he was right. I could not tell that he caught the ball. I give that one all to Doug. But, I’m not telling him that I’ll do it next time, though. This time we did it.”

On how much successful run blocking helps the offensive line: “We didn’t do anything different tonight. I know you think we changed the whole game plan and we changed schemes and everything; we didn’t. We just did really well tonight, and guys were on it. I’m hoping; I’ve been in support of these guys for quite some time now, really the second half of the season. We’ve had a couple games that weren’t the way we wanted. But, really, go back and look at some of these numbers here for maybe 6 out of the last 9 games or something like that, there have been a lot of runs. We’ve been making some yards, and Russell’s contributed to that as well. These guys have been coming on. Last week I thought was our best pass protection week. Really, they pass protected very well tonight. The reason we got sacked a couple times tonight is that we just couldn’t get the ball out. Russ couldn’t get the guy he needed to get open. They did a couple nice things in coverage. I thought the pass protection was good again, and these guys are growing up. They’ve been working at it. They’ve been battling all year long and they’re kind of tired of hearing it. So, they’re feeling pretty good about it.”

On DeShawn Shead making some big defensive breakups: “He had a couple of great breakups. All night long our coverage was really good. The guys were aggressive all night long and went for it. A bunch of third down wins. I think they were under 20 percent again. That’s a really big deal to be hot right now on third down on the defensive side of the ball. We’ve had 3-4 weeks in a row where we’ve really been hitting it. (Defensive coordinator) Kris (Richard) has been doing a great job in calling it, and the guys are really playing the scheme right and aggressive, and taking advantage of it.”

On Doug Baldwin’s big game: “He’s going to catch most everything you throw at him. He had a great night. He had a lot of plays on the perimeter. We wanted to try to control the way the way they were deploying their guys. It didn’t amount to much, but he had enough big plays. A great throw and catch on the corner route, on the play pass from Russ, and Doug staying in bounds. It was a phenomenal field position shift and all of that. It was a huge play. Then he comes back and has a couple more plays on that drive, too. It was just a fantastic play.”

On what happened to Jimmy Graham on the big hit: “It was just a heck of a hit. I think the officials were on it as far as the level of the hit. It knocked the wind out of him is all it was. But, it was within question, so we were challenging it, we were protecting our guy. It looked like he got hit in the head, but I don’t think he did. I think the officials hit it right.”

On whether Frank Clark was banged up a little at the end: “No. He just had a little personal area there that he got hammered in, and he’s fine. [laughter] I was going to say that he got hit in the cods, but nobody would know what that means.“

On whether Alex Collins is OK: “Yeah, he’s fine.”

On whether there were any other injuries: “We have to see about Marcel (Reece). Marcel might have banged his foot up a little bit tonight. That’s the only guy we’re really reporting right now.”

On another missed extra point from Steven Hauschka: “I just think he has to believe in his rhythm. I think there’s a little leg-swing thing that he’s messing with at times. He kicked the ball great, otherwise.”

On where Paul Richardson’s catch ranks: “I need to see it better. I mean that was crazy. Did he pin it on the guy? Was it one of those? One-handed. I didn’t see enough of it, I don’t know. As a matter of fact, I didn’t think he caught it and I was wondering why Doug was running down the sidelines so fast. What the heck happened? I was looking for the P.I. which we were getting, so I was resigned to that. I was thinking Doug lost his mind, I thought he was going after that official or something, he was running down to celebrate with Paul. Not until I saw it later; I didn’t even catch it. So, it was a bad job by the coach, to tell you the truth.”