Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Monday the team anticipates Russell Wilson playing against the Jets Sunday in New York.

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll didn’t definitively say Monday that quarterback Russell Wilson will play Sunday in New York against the Jets.

But everything he said pointed in that direction.

A day after Wilson suffered a sprained medial-collateral ligament in his left knee when tackled awkwardly to the turf by San Francisco’s Eli Harold, Carroll said he was  “remarkably well off for having a play like that. He looks very good, very upbeat and positive about feeling like he is going to be fine. So it’s just all positive.’’

Carroll, in fact, said during his weekly Monday news conference that Wilson is expected to practice Wednesday.

But Carroll also said the key will be how well Wilson’s knee responds to practice and rehab.

“Wednesday’s a big day to see where he is,’’ Carroll said. “He looks fine. He looks fine. So I’m not that deeply concerned about it. I wish it didn’t happen, I wish he didn’t get banged. But I think he’s going to be all right.’’

Asked if he expected Wilson to play against the Jets, Carroll responded: “Yes. It’s really early to say because he hasn’t done anything other than just convince me of that thought. He’s done a very good job so far.”

Carroll confirmed that Wilson has a sprained MCL but would not reveal the severity. But he indicated it is not overly serious.

“What he has a lot of guys play with, and so this is something that our trainers have been through a number of times and they know that this is really possible that he will be fine,’’ Carroll said. “But he still has to respond to the work on Wednesday and Thursday, and we’ll see how he gets through it and we’ll be watching it very closely to do the right thing to make sure that we contribute to his health and his well being moving forward and our team’s well being moving forward. We’ll take all of that into account.’’

Among the factors the team could consider, Carroll said, is that the Seahawks have a bye Oct. 9 following this week’s game.

“It might (be a factor),” Carroll said.

Carroll noted that Wilson appears to have recovered well from a high-ankle sprain suffered in the opener against Miami and that he “hasn’t had any setbacks at all. Looked better than a week ago. So he was fine when he was playing.”

After sitting out a play following Sunday’s injury, during which Harold was penalized for a horse-collar tackle, Wilson returned to finish out the series with three more plays before being taken out with the Seahawks ahead 27-3.

“He kind of just ran out on the field,” Carroll said. “So we let him have a couple of plays there — we were careful with the plays (two handoffs and a short pass). But I had no intention of leaving him in. Really regardless of what the doctors said after that he wouldn’t have gone back in.”

And though Carroll said the team appreciates that Wilson always wants to play, the coach said it will be critical this week that Wilson and the team are on the same page about how to proceed.

“We’ve just got to communicate really well and stay in touch with him and make sure that we’re doing the right things,” Carroll said. “There’s an instance where he had the opportunity to do something like jump back in the game, run back on the field. But he can’t do that over the long haul.  But we’ll be OK, we’ll figure it out.”

Wilson was replaced by rookie Trevone Boykin who finished 7 of 9 passing for 65 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

“I think it was really good just to get him out there,” Carroll said of Boykin, an undrafted free agent from TCU. “He threw the ball around a little bit — a little bit too much. But we got to see him on the field, and it’s good for him. It’s good for the players to see him out there, too.

“We’ve seen a lot from him in the preseason and in practice, and he is a very poised, comfortable athlete. He’s not going to get flustered, and he showed that again the other day and that’s just a good sign and we are excited to see what he can do. He can make plays, make things happen, and he looked pretty sharp for coming off the bench like that, and that’s about all we should hope for.”

Carroll said the team would explore adding a quarterback to the active roster this week if one is needed — former Skyline High star Jake Heaps is on the practice squad.

“We’ve already talked about all that stuff, so we’ll see what happens,” Carroll said.