The Seahawks confirmed Saturday that Marshawn Lynch has yet to file his retirement papers. But they also said there is no chance he will play for them again, and said he just hasn't gotten around to filing the necessary paperwork.

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That the Seattle Seahawks drafted three running backs over the weekend would seem to speak loudly enough that the team is moving into the post-Marshawn Lynch era.

But while Lynch has announced his retirement, he has yet to officially retire, with the team confirming Saturday after the draft that he has yet to file his retirement papers.

Asked when that might happen, Seattle general manager John Schneider said “your guess is as good as mine.’’

But while some have read into that that maybe Lynch still wants to play, the team said that is not the case.

Instead, Schneider said Lynch simply hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

“He’s riding camels and stuff, right?’’ Schneider said, a reference to a famous picture taken during a Lynch trip to Egypt.

Coach Pete Carroll, asked if there was still a chance Lynch could play for the Seahawks, said “I think he’s committed to being retired.’’

Since the team has not made an official move with Lynch he continues to count against the team’s salary cap.

Lynch has a cap number of $11.5 million for 2016 with $5 million in dead money. The team will save $6.5 million against the cap when Lynch retires (or, he could also simply be released, which would work the same against the cap).

However, if the movies made after June 1 (or made earlier but with a post-June 1 designation) then the Seahawks could spread out half of the dead money hit to 2017, clearing up an additional $2.5 million in cap space for 2016.

Schneider said the team has had a plan in place either way and said Lynch’s cap situation has not impacted any of its off-season personnel moves.

“We’ve planned for if we were going to get the papers before June 1st or after, so we’re good,’’ Schneider said.