Here's all that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had to say to the media Monday.

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Here is all that Seattle coach Pete Carroll had to say to the media Monday:

(Open) “It’s a real week now. It’s the real thing here starting off this week and it’s been a good, tough off season for us. Preseason and camp all went well, so everything is lined up and ready to go. We’re excited about getting the roster squared away, finalize it, it was a very difficult day for a number of our players that have been with us, but as we look ahead, it’s a really strong team, very competitive roster and we expect a lot of stuff out of these guys, play some really good football. We’re looking forward to getting going.

(On Fred Jackson) “It’s good to get him in here, he’s a classy guy. You guys just met him so you probably know, tough competitor. He fits right in in all those ways and I think he’s going to give us some real secure play. Right now, coming out of the back field and doing some things for us that we need some help on, so I think he hits at a good time for us.”

(On if Jackson will play Sunday) “He’ll play a lot. He ran the whole offense today. I don’t know how he got it all done, but he got it done today so I would think he’ll be ready to go.”

(On Jackson’s role on third downs) “We’ll find out. We’ll find out how it goes, we’ll check him out at practice this week and see what happens, but that’s the thought for us, that he could be a really effective third down guy. Caught 67 passes last year so he’s well equipped there.”

(On if Marshawn Lynch put a bug in their ears about bringing Jackson in) “Marshawn did get the word out to us that he really trusted him and knew he was a terrific team member and come through player and had nothing but really positive stuff to say.”

(On Fred Jackson playing at 34) “Well, he’s a unique player. There’s truth to that at times, but some guys defy it, and he’s doing it. We saw him in his last pre-season game went 40 yards with a run, so he can make things happen, so we’re really pleased to get him.”

(On if Jackson would have been considered without Robert Turbin’s injury) “We never know. We never know. I think we had him in, did we have him in before he was hurt? I don’t know if I can remember how that worked out. Immediately when we saw his name, that he was available, we started talking about it.”

(On team captains) “We have captains. Russell Wilson was voted in on offense, Bobby Wagner on defense and Jon Ryan on special teams. Three really good guys that really stand for everything that we’re all about. Tough competitors, good leaders in every way, so we’re lucky to have those guys chosen.”

(On choosing RBs) “I don’t know, if you just go by numbers of carries, you’re going to be misled. It depends on the wear and tear on the guy, how he gets banged around, the injuries he’s sustained. Fred’s very healthy, we’re very lucky. Some guys just have better fortune than others.”

(On Turbin’s injury) “No, we thought it was a significant ankle sprain. I think I was saying some word like significant, I don’t know what it was, but we were trying to let you know that it was definitely going to take some time. I guess that’s what significant means.”

(On Fred helping with young RBs) “Certainly he can. This guy’s a legit vet, he’s been through it all. There’s no question that Thomas [Rawls] and Rod [Smith] will be following him around and listening to him. He’s been a guy that’s done a lot of stuff too. Different things, so he’s done it all. There’s no question that he’ll help and he’s such a good person too. He’ll care about these guys as soon as he gets to know their names, and I’m sure we’ll benefit from that.”

(On S Kelcie McCray) “Well first off, he’s a good all-around football player, excellent special teams guy, the leading special teams player on their team. A guy that can play in the hole and get to the line of scrimmage. He’s got real good skills in coverage, so we’re anxious to see where we can fit him in. We need to see him play a little bit, see him practice, and see how he fits in as far as what style he really brings to us that we can utilize right away. We have some flexibility there so we’ll see where that goes. Obviously a really important week for him, whereas, with Fred there’s no question that he can play this week, I’m not sure about Kelcie. I don’t know until we see him out there so it could take us awhile.”

(On if he is a free or strong safety) “We’ve seen him play both so we’ll have to see how it fits together with the other guys.”

(On Fred Jackson’s chemistry) “I think just seeing the history of his work, knowing that he caught 67 balls last year, he was still moving and making some plays happen in preseason. Knowing he’s a real smart guy, he’s a real tough competitor, he’s a real team guy. All of that stuff fits in. This team is made up of a bunch of guys who have come to prove something. He comes from Coe College, he’s been battling his whole life to prove it, and I think it’s a guy that really fits in and will fit in with the makeup of this team.”

(On if Kam Chancellor’s holdout and Earl Thomas’ injury had anything to do with signing McCray) “It is, you’re right on. It is important. We’re ready to start Dion [Bailey] and go, he’s ready to play football. He had a good preseason and he’s ready to go. We wanted some depth with some experience, and the other kids were going to be first year guys. We thought we needed a little bit more depth than that with some background.”

(On Tarvaris Jackson) “He threw the ball today, he’s going to wait until Wednesday. He’ll throw again Wednesday, I think he’s going to make it, I think he’s going to be ready to go.”

(On if teams have called about Kam’s availability) “There have been a couple phone calls from other teams, people kind of wondering what’s going on. We’re really not interested in talking to them about that, so we don’t.”

(On if there is new information about Kam) “No.”

(On who is the nickelback after releasing Will Blackmon) “[Marcus] Burley, and Tye Smith also plays there. Burley played for us last year and we like the way he does it. We gave him a competitive shot with guys coming after him and he held on to the job.”

(On Cooper Helfet) “Cooper’s running around, so he’s got a chance to go Wednesday, Thursday, just do it one day at a time. He looks pretty close.”

(On Mike Morgan) “Mike’s going to probably miss this game. His hamstring’s not coming back.”