Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn said Monday he plans to ask the league for a review of the controversial final play of Sunday's loss to the Seahawks.

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Falcons coach Dan Quinn told reporters in Atlanta Monday that he will ask the NFL to review whether pass interference should have been called on the team’s final offensive play of Sunday’s 26-24 loss to the Seahawks.

On the play, Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman appeared to grab the arm of Atlanta receiver Julio Jones and Quinn protested vehemently on the sidelines afterward asking for a flag to be thrown. Jones couldn’t hang on to the ball on what was a fourth down play that effectively ended the game.

“The league will certainly look at it and will grade all of the officials, too,” Quinn said during his Monday press conference according to “I was certainly ticked off as a competitor. But I will let (the league) comment on the play. But as a competitor, you saw that (reaction) on the sideline from me.”

A review won’t change anything, though, and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll noted wryly that while Seattle also sends in plays to the NFL to review every week “we won’t send that play in.”

Carroll, though, said he understands why Quinn would want to get a statement from the league of what it sees in the play.

“I don’t blame him one bit for trying to understand that one better,” Carroll said. “There’s plays every week — you look at the last play of the half, last play of the game. All the stuff that goes on in those jumps and stuff — there’s a lot of stuff that happens. It’s hard on the officials, it’s difficult for them to figure that out and find out what did affect the play. Did whatever happen effect the result of the play? That’s what they have to try and figure out. It’s hard and they don’t always do it right but they’re trying. I don’t think they’re going to learn a whole lot from that but they can at least get their judgement.”

The Seahawks asked for clarification from the NFL earlier this season after being called for three offensive pass interference penalties in a loss to the Rams on Sept. 11, and Carroll said that pass interference — both offensive and defensive — remains as challenging of a call as any in the NFL.

“There’s a lot of hand fighting going on and the league is trying to understand what is allowable and all that,” he said. “It’s not changing the rules so much I think there’s a change in the way they’re interpreting and understanding stuff and trying to make sense of it. Again, it just becomes the most difficult aspect of the game in terms of officiating is calling the pass interference. There’s nothing they can do about it they just have to keep working at it and trying to understand it better.”

Sherman, meanwhile, took to Twitter Monday night to note that maybe Jones’ headslap at the beginning of the play could have been flagged for a penalty, as well.