Many of the Seahawks' defenders played more than 90 snaps in Sunday's tie agains the Cardinals, and coach Pete Carroll wants to make sure he helps his players recover from that heavy workload.

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The Seahawks were so drained after Sunday’s overtime game against the Cardinals that some players had to stick around and get IVs. The defense had to stay on the field for 95 plays. Many guys played over 100 plays because of special teams.

It was a physical, taxing and grueling game for the Seahawks’ defense, and coach Pete Carroll said he will have to manage how his players recover from that game this week. The Seahawks play at New Orleans on Sunday.

Carroll hinted that some defensive players won’t practice this week and could show up on the injury report or that players will get limited reps in practice in order to recover.

“You’ll see some names and things for different reasons to make sure our guys are bouncing back because right now it’s about recovering,” Carroll said. “We didn’t get banged up much, but there will be a recovery mode here that we have to be in and make sure we get out of it and come out strong and fast and ready to play next weekend.”

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That is one of the traits veteran players bring up about Carroll, especially guys who have played other places: He listens to his players, how they’re feeling and what needs to happen to get them ready for Sunday.

This is what former Seahawks tight end Zach Miller said about Carroll in 2013, but it’s a sentiment shared by many veteran players over the last few seasons:

“He’s the best coach I’ve ever had,” Miller said. “He knows the game, but then he does a great job taking care of players’ bodies. He listens to the guys around him if guys are getting beat up or too sore. He listens to the trainers and he listens to the performance staff to help guys out if their bodies start to feel it. He’s real smart when it comes finding a way to always have an edge and have you be at your peak performance.”

That will be key this week as the defense tries to recover from Sunday night’s marathon.