Here are some key takeaways from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll's meeting with the media on Friday previewing Saturday's preseason opener against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Here are some highlights of what Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said to the media on Friday in advance of the team’s preseason opener Saturday at Kansas City.

On how camp has gone so far and excitement for first game:  “Everything has been going fine. We’re right on schedule, we have a really strict schedule that we follow and this is it. The guys have worked really hard, we’ve had a bunch of guys that have returned in the past couple days, which is a great boost going into the game, some of which will play, surprised us a little bit. Everything is on, there’s so many things to see, so many areas to watch. For the coaches, so many exciting guys that see challenge for the first time in a game situation and we’ll start making sense of this thing. This is one huge opportunity to do that. We really do take the preseason seriously, we wait until these games to go full speed tackling and hitting, so that’s what these games are for, for us. I’m anxious to see how the guys come out and I’m expecting them to be flying and doing it just like we want to and like we have in the past. We’ll see how that goes come Saturday.”

On which guys won’t travel to Kansas City: “J’Marcus Webb won’t play tomorrow, he’s got a little twisted knee that’s bothering him a little bit. C.J. Prosise is not going, I mean there’s a bunch of guys. The receivers that aren’t going, Kasen [Williams], Kevin [Smith] won’t go, and [Deshon] Foxx won’t go. Jimmy [Graham] isn’t going to travel with us on this trip, he’s staying with all the hard rehab. He’s doing well, he’s coming alive. Thomas [Rawls] will not play in this game, we just keep increasing tempo and reps for those guys as we go through. Zac [Brooks] won’t play either, in this game. On the other side of the ball we’re looking pretty strong, Jordan Hill won’t be able to play, the backers are all going. Kam Chancellor will not play, there might be someone else in there.”

On Sealver Siliga: “He’s practicing but we’re going to hold him out of the game.”

Seahawks 17, Chiefs 16

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On how much Jahri Evans has picked up of the playbook: “He’s doing pretty well, he’s a great learner. He’s a great football player, he’s picked this stuff up and he can play a lot. We’re anxious to see how he does. He’s lost a few pounds with us, he’s trimming down and we’re getting him in shape and he’s working hard.”

On backup running backs Troymaine Pope and George Farmer: “I’m anxious to see Pope. Troy Pope has done some really good things in practice and I’m anxious to see how he does. George is going to get a shot to do some things we want to do with him, he has a special role that we’re putting him in. It’s early for him, he’s just gotten three, four days of work, but you’re going to see him play, he’s going to be in the game. You’ll see quite a bit of Alex [Collins] in this game and Cameron Marshall will also play a good part.”

On Thomas Rawls and Jimmy Graham’s first week back: “It was solid. They came out of it with a really good attitude. They’re excited to be back, the rehab thing just gets so old for them. They were ready to make the transition and start working with the fellows. We have not pushed them in practice yet, with the reps and stuff. We’re just getting them out there and making sure we do this in the best fashion possible to keep these guys on track. We don’t want any setbacks.”

On Garry Gilliam being tried at right tackle for the KC game: “Garry’s doing fine, he had to jump back, we were a little slow bringing him on just to make sure he was right. He’s doing well, he’s playing a considerable amount on the left side and with J’Marcus [Webb] not going we’re going to start with [Bradley] Sowell on left side and Garry on the right side, see how they do, then next week we’ll revisit and see where we are.”

On if Trevone Boykin can run the offense: “Oh he can do everything, no hesitation that he can do – some things he won’t do as well as others but he’s been exposed to the whole offense and he’s handled every aspect of it. But with all players, we limit what we ask them to do so it will be the same for him. Same for Russell [Wilson], we don’t ask Russell [Wilson] to do everything that we’ve been practicing. Tre [Trevone Boykin] has done really well and he’s impressed us in all of the “can the new guy handle it? Can he hold up the integrity in the huddle?” and all this stuff; he’s been great at that. I’m really looking forward to seeing him play, he’s going to play a lot and we’re looking for some good things.”

On if he has spoken with Germain Ifedi about finding a balance in how to act on the practice field: “It has been in conversation for us and with a lot of the young guys and the guys that are willing to go for it. He does, Jarran Reed does, some of the guys that have just came out flying to prove who they are. It’s important, rule number one is always remember to protect the team. We have to show them how to engage their enthusiasm, their passion and toughness in a way that will help us. It’s a learning process for them for sure and we’re also learning the players and that’s also part of it as well so there’s a lot going on.”

On how Brandon Browner has adapted to the safety position: “He’s doing well, he’s still working at it; there’s still nuances and things he’s got to get comfortable with. He can do everything, he can play the run, he can get in the passing game, he can play terrific coverage when we lock him up. There’s a lot of stuff with formations and things like that, he just needs experience so he can make the right choices and right decisions and all but he’s doing well and making great progress and his attitude has been perfect. He’s really gone for it and he’s been a lot of fun to have out here.”

On having J’Marcus Webb back next week: “You know, I don’t know that; I would think so but we turnaround pretty quick next week so we’ll have to see. It would be really important to see how he is Monday and Tuesday and how he’s doing.”

On Brandin Bryant getting good reps in practice: “He’s been an exciting player, he’s going to get a good look. He has looked very good in practice, he has a lot to learn, he still makes mistakes because he’s still learning but he makes them coming at you and attacking and that’s what’s shown up. We need to see how discipline he is in the game, if he’ll do the right thing and all that, he has played hard though.”