Richard Sherman had high praise for Earl Thomas' intensity as Thomas enters his seventh NFL season.

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RENTON — This is weird, but it’s always interesting to just watch Earl Thomas watch practice.

I don’t want to make too big a deal out of this, but he just watches practice different than anyone else on the Seahawks. He never looks relaxed on the sideline. He just stares and tracks the play, like I imagine he does when he’s watching film. He looks locked in even when he’s not actually in.

“Nobody watches practice harder,” cornerback Richard Sherman said. “Practice watches Earl Thomas, Earl Thomas doesn’t watch practice.”

Thomas’ intensity and drive are well known, but anytime the topic resurfaces, it’s worth pointing out now that Thomas is entering his seventh season with the Seahawks. And the topic resurfaced on Tuesday with Sherman.

“It would be impressive to see Earl Thomas practice at the intensity he does every day if I did not know Earl Thomas was Earl Thomas,” Sherman said. “Earl Thomas is kind of like either the Dos Equis guy or Chuck Norris. He’s a guy who is exactly who people think he is and better than the people who think he’s the best. He’s better than the people who have the highest praise for him; he’s better than that.

“People don’t get to see him work on a daily basis. They don’t get to see how hard he goes, how hard he practices even when the practice doesn’t matter. You guys don’t get to see walkthroughs, but in walkthroughs he doesn’t let people catch the ball. He doesn’t let people execute their plays. When we’re supposed to let the offense catch it, he just doesn’t live his life that way.”

Sherman was asked if Thomas could bend spoons just by looking at them.

“I’ve seen him blend blades of grass, I’ve seen him catch footballs by looking at them,” Sherman said. “The list is long of things Earl Thomas has done. I’ve seen him beat Chuck Norris up.”

The point, as always: Earl Thomas works hard and cares very much about football.