Bob Condotta

Seahawks 31, Cardinals 27. Arizona appears like a team on the rise, especially with the way the Cardinals dismantled Dallas on Monday night. But that also means Arizona will have a tough turnaround this week of a road game to another game six days later while the Seahawks are coming off their bye. It’s tempting to wonder if Seattle can really keep up its road warrior ways — the Seahawks have won nine of their last 10 regular season away games. But why not keep riding the hot hand? Wilson will again find a way to get it done in the valley of the sun.

Adam Jude

Cardinals 28, Seahawks 27. Kyler Murray is looking more and more like the next Russell Wilson, and Arizona’s balanced attack could spell trouble for the Seahawks. More notable is an Arizona defense — led by former UW star Budda Baker — that ranks among the best in the NFL and appears capable of doing just enough to slow down the Seahawks’ league-leading offense.

Larry Stone

Seahawks 28, Cardinals 20. The Seahawks have had their troubles with Arizona in recent years — but not in the Valley of the Sun. They haven’t lost to the Cardinals in Glendale since 2012, which was Russell Wilson’s first start (though the two teams did have a tie in 2016). This won’t be easy, with Kyler Murray proving to be a major nuisance, and an Arizona defense that just made Dallas look inept. But the Seahawks are coming off a bye and Arizona is on short rest. Seattle will once again find a way to eke out a win.

Matt Calkins

Seahawks 35, Cardinals 31. This is likely the toughest test Seattle has faced this season, and Kyler Murray has the ability to pick apart a vulnerable defense. But in Russell Wilson, the Seahawks have a quarterback who has been playing better than anyone else in the league by far. Hard to pick against him at this point.

Week 6


Week 5 (Seahawks 27, Vikings 26)

Condotta: Seahawks 34, Vikings 27*

Jude: Seahawks 34, Vikings 31

Stone: Seahawks 35, Vikings 24

Calkins: Seahawks 35, Vikings 31

Week 4 (Seahawks 31, Dolphins 23)

Condotta: Seahawks 37, Dolphins 28*

Jude: Seahawks 42, Dolphins 30

Stone: Seahawks 35, Dolphins 31*

Calkins: Seahawks 41, Dolphins 38

Week 3 (Seahawks 38, Cowboys 31)

Condotta: Seahawks 35, Cowboys 31*

Jude: Seahawks 49, Cowboys 48

Stone: Seahawks 38, Cowboys 28*

Calkins: Seahawks 35, Cowboys 31

Week 2 (Seahawks 35, Patriots 30)

Condotta: Seahawks 24, Patriots 16

Jude: Seahawks 24, Patriots 23*

Stone: Seahawks 24, Patriots 17

Calkins: Patriots 27, Seahawks 24

Week 1 (Seahawks 38, Falcons 25)

Condotta: Seahawks 27, Falcons 21

Jude: Seahawks 30, Falcons 27*

Stone: Seahawks 30, Falcons 20

Calkins: Seahawks 30, Falcons 23*

* – closest score