Here's a look at Seattle's stats through three games and where they compare to 2015.

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Now that the regular season has kicked into gear, one thing we will do every Tuesday is look at where the Seahawks’ rank in key statistical categories, compare it to previous weeks and seasons, and just see if there’s anything interesting afoot. In each case, this week’s stat is listed along with where the Seahawks finished last season.



2016 — 358.7, 19th

2015 — 378.6, 4th

Comment: Like all of the offensive numbers, this improved greatly after Sunday’s game — the Seahawks were 26th in the NFL at 329 yards per game after week two.



2016 —5.3, 23rd.

2015 — 5.8, 5th

Comment: This number also increased by more than half-a-yard after Sunday’s game — it had been 4.7 and 29th after the loss to the Rams. And recall that last year’s average gain per play — officially 5.85 — was the second-best in team history trailing only the 5.88 of 2014.



2016— 102.0, 15th

2015 — 141.8, 3rd

Comment: Also a big leap here from 89.5 and ranking 18th last week.



2016 — 3.5, 23rd

2015 — 4.5, 7th

Comment: This jumped a little, from 3.2 last week, and could remain some cause for concern especially if Russell Wilson remains hobbled for a while. It’s hard to make much of the stats from Sunday after the Seahawks had a big lead and then Wilson was hurt. But after rushing for 67 yards on the first five carries of the game Seattle had 62 on 25 the rest of the way.



2016 — 256.7, 13th

2015 — 236.9, 20th

Comment: This went up from 239.5 a week ago. And while three games is too small of a sample size to make much of, you can also see that so far, the Seahawks are passing it more than they are running it. Seattle has attempted 110 passes to 87 runs in three games, throwing it 57.35 percent of the time. The Seahawks threw it 53.29 percent last season.



2016 — 7.5, 12th

2015 — 8.3, 3rd

Comment: This number also took a huge leap last week, going from 6.1 and 27th to 7.5 and 12th after the Seahawks gained 8.6 yards per attempt Sunday — just a little better than the average last season.



2016 — 17.3, 28th

2015 — 26.4, tied for 4th

Comment: It may take a while to get back up to the average of last season after the sluggish start. But it’s a big turnaround from where Seattle was last week, ranking 31st at 7.5 point per game



2016 — 250.3, 1st

2015 — 291.8, 2nd

Comment: So far, the Seahawks are on pace to shatter the team record for total defense, which was set in 2014 at 267.1 And just think where that would be if the 49ers had not gained 122 yards on the final two drives Sunday.



2016— 87.7, 9th

2015 — 81.5, 1st

Comment: Those last two drives Sunday definitely hurt Seattle here as the Seahawks allowed just 64 yards per game rushing in the first two contests, which included holding down Todd Gurley and the Rams in week two. The 49ers finished with 135 rushing, 79 in the final two drives.



2016 — 3.5, 7th, tied

2015 — 3.6, 3rd, tied

Comment: Again, the late surge by the 49ers — including a 34-yard run by Carlos Hyde on the second-to-last drive — helped skew the numbers here. Seattle allowed just 2.8 yards per carry in the first two weeks and the 49ers were at 2.9 per carry through the first three quarters Sunday.



2016 — 162.7, 2nd

2015 — 210.3, 2nd

Comment: So far, the Seahawks are allowing almost 50 yards per game fewer through the air than last season, and this in a time when passing numbers seem to increase annually. Granted, the Seahawks have not played the toughest trio of QBs — the Matt Ryan, Carson Palmer, Drew Brees trio in late October will be much stiffer test.



2016 — 6.5, 7th

2015 — 6.6, 5th

Comment: Despite a couple of big plays allowed along the way, Seattle’s per-yard averages are right in line with last season, though still a little behind the 2013 defense, which allowed 5.8 per pass attempt, which led the NFL.



2016— 12.3, 2nd

2015 — 17.3, 1st

Comment: Again, the two final touchdowns — and 15 total points — by the 49ers Sunday helped heavily skew this stat. Until then Seattle had allowed just 22 points, 19 in the first two games. Seattle has allowed the fewest points in the NFL each of the last four seasons, the first team in the Super Bowl era to pull off that feat.