Some of Seattle's defensive numbers aren't quite as gaudy as a week ago, though the most important number was the win the Seahawks were able to record.

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Time for our weekly look at where the Seahawks rank in major team statistical categories and assess what it means.


2016 — 352.6, 16th.

2015 — 378.6, 4th.

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Comment: Seattle’s average and ranking fell just a bit after being held to 333 yards Sunday by the Falcons, which was 55 less than Atlanta had been allowing on average coming into the game. But a healthier Russell Wilson and what would figure to be a more consistent running game going forward should help those numbers.


2016 —5.4, 22nd.

2015 — 5.88, 5th.

Comment: This number also fell just a bit as the Seahawks averaged 5.1 against the Falcons. Seattle needs to still get Tyler Lockett back to health and a bigger part of the offense — he had three catches for 23 yards, none longer than 10. Seattle was 29th at 4.7 per play after the week two loss to the Rams. Seattle has averaged 5.88 and 5.85 yards per play the last two seasons, the two best marks in franchise history.


2016— 88.8, 25th.

2015 — 141.8, 3rd.

Comment: Suffice to say, 88.5 is not a normal-looking number for the Seahawks — the last time they had a total lower than that for a season was 1999 at 88.0. I wrote a lot about the running game earlier. But I’ll add that this week will be a good test of the running game with Arizona having shown some vulnerability against the run against Buffalo and the 49ers — two teams with mobile QBs — but also having played it well against a few other teams — holding the Jets to 33 Monday night, for instance.


2016 — 3.2, 30th.

2015 — 4.5, 7th.

Comment: Basically, ditto everything written in the comment above. As noted in the link above, Seattle has never averaged less than 3.3 yards per carry in a season (the 1992 team, generally considered the worst offense in team history, averaged 4.0 thanks to Chris Warren having a breakout season with 1,017 yards and 4.6 per carry.)


2016 —263.8, 11th.

2015 — 236.9, 20th.

Comment: This number dropped just a little bit with Seattle throwing for 261 against Atlanta. But it’s still on pace to be a franchise record — 254.8 set in 2002.


2016 — 7.8, 7th.

2015 — 8.3, 3rd.

Comment:This is also just down slightly from the 8.0 of last week.  Here’s another good test for the Seattle offense, though, with Arizona ranking second this week in fewest passing yards allowed per attempt at 6.1 (Minnesota leads at 6.8).


2016 —21.0, 20th.

2015 — 26.4, tied for 4th.

Comment: This is up from the 19.8 from after the Jets game. Atlanta had been averaging allowing 28 points per game before playing the Seahawks. Arizona is allowing 17.3 points per game, sixth in the NFL.


2016 — 283.6, 1st.

2015 — 291.8, 2nd.

Comment: A bad week for some other teams (namely, Philadelphia allowing 493 to Washington) meant the Seahawks moved into the lead in total defense despite giving up 362 yards against the Falcons, and seeing their own average of yards per game allowed rise by almost 20.


2016—74.6, 3rd.

2015 — 81.5, 1st.

Comment: One of the real keys to Sunday’s game was Seattle holding Atlanta to 52 yards on 18 carries. When Atlanta got the ball twice in the fourth quarter it didn’t seem to trust that it could run out the game with its running attack, attempting passes on five of seven plays, the first time forced to punt and then the second time resulting in the interception that turned the game Seattle’s way — a pass on first and 10 from the Atlanta 39. Arizona will be a good test in this area too, though, averaging 124.3 yards per game rushing, fourth in the NFL.


2016 — 3.3, 2nd.

2015 — 3.6, 3rd, tied.

Comment: Exact same number as a week ago but the Seahawks moved up two spots. Green Bay leads at 3.0 yards per carry, coming down to the pack quickly after allowing 191 yards and 5.8 per attempt against Dallas Sunday night. As noted every week so far, Seattle’s YPA allowed per rush is on pace to be stingier than last season when the Seahawks led the NFL in fewest total rushing yards allowed.


2016 —209.0, 5th.

2015 — 210.3, 2nd.

Comment: Seahawks were at 183.8 yards, fourth in the NFL, before the Atlanta game. Maybe if the third quarter hadn’t been so weird. …


2016 —6.8, 9th.

2015 — 6.6, 5th.

Comment: Seattle was at 6.4 and fifth prior to the Atlanta game. Other than Julio Jones, and the one blown coverage that led to Levine Toilolo’s 46-yard TD, and the Seahawks didn’t allow a pass of longer than 14 yards against a team that came in averaging 10.3 per attempt. That’s a couple of big “ifs” I realize, but the point is that overall, most of the team did a good job of keeping in check what had been a really hot passing team, notably the linebackers and safeties on the running backs and tight ends and Mohamed Sanu.


2016— 15.6, tied for 3rd.

2015 — 17.3, 1st.

Comment: This went up a couple of points after Atlanta scored 24, the most against Seattle this season. The Vikings continue to lead at 12.6 with the Patriots at 15.2 and Seattle and the Eagles then tied for third.