The Seahawks fell in a number of statistical rankings after the blowout loss at Green Bay.

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Time to review where the Seahawks stand in key statistical rankings this year after Sunday’s 38-10 loss at Green Bay. Included is a comparison to last year.


2016 —357.6, 13th.

2015 — 378.6, 4th.

Comment: Seahawks have sort of settled at this general place for a while now. And while Seattle will be heavily favored to win its next two games, both the Rams (10th) and Cardinals (second) rank among the top 10 teams in total defense, which can’t be said of any of last four teams Seattle has played. So tests remain for the Seattle offense.


2016 —5.7, 7th.

2015 — 5.85, 5th.

Comment: This stat didn’t change much last week as the Seahawks averaged 5.2 yards per play. But that was helped by some big plays late — Seattle averaged 4.6 per play in falling behind 21-3 at the half against the Packers.


2016— 104.2, 19th

2015 — 141.8, 3rd.

Comment: It will be interesting to see how the Seahawks can do against the Rams, against whom they have not been able to run much at all the last three games. And Arizona the following week ranks fourth in yards allowed per attempt.


2016 — 4.2, 15th

2015 — 4.5, 7th.

Comment: As coach Pete Carroll predicted, the Seahawks running attack got better as Thomas Rawls and Russell Wilson got healthy. This is the highest this number has been all season after Seattle averaged 5.2 yards per attempt against the Packers. Seattle was at 4.6 in the first half, though, and got stuffed on a third-and-one on the first drive that ultimately proved more of a turning point than appeared at the time.


2016 —253.5, 12th.

2015 — 236.9, 20th.

Comment: The Seahawks moved down three yards a game and up two spots in the NFL standings, indicative of some tough passing days around the league as the weather worsened in a lot of spots. This is still in range to break the franchise record of 254.9 set in 2002.


2016 — 7.7, 7th.

2015 — 8.3, 3rd.

Comment: Lots of missed opportunities last week led to Seattle averaging just 5.2 yards per attempt against the Packers, tied for the second-worst this season — the worst would be hard to beat, the 3.0 against Tampa Bay.


2016 — 21.2, 22nd.

2015 — 26.4, tied for 4th.

Comment: Seattle six times this season has scored one offensive touchdown or less. What Seattle also hasn’t gotten this season are easy touchdowns with just one return for a TD – the fumble return by Earl Thomas against the Saints. Seattle had five, three, four and six return touchdowns the last four seasons.


2016 — 330.2, 8th.

2015 — 291.8, 2nd.

Comment: While it might have felt like a lot more, Green Bay had 330 yards against the Seahawks Sunday — exactly the average Seattle is allowing for the season. Seattle plays some bad offenses coming up so this is a stat that could still improve. But at this point it also is more likely to be the worst since the 2011 team allowed 332.2 yards per game.


2016— 98.8, 13th.

2015 — 81.5, 1st.

Comment: Green Bay’s numbers didn’t seem like much — 93 yards rushing on 30 attempts. But one key was Green Bay sticking with it early — the Packers had an equal number of runs and passes in the first half, 15 of each. And early on, Green Bay got solid running out of its tailback spot — 51 yards on 10 carries in the first half.


2016 — 3.5, 2nd.

2015 — 3.6, 3rd, tied.

Comment: But despite what I wrote in the above comment, you can’t argue that the Seahawks are allowing just 3.5 yards per carry, second in the NFL and better than a year ago when Seattle led the NFL in rushing yards allowed. It does speak, though, to the idea that teams are willing to keep running it against Seattle to try to keep the ball — and also consider that in most road games Seattle has always been behind, allowing opponents to feel comfortable playing it safe offensively.


2016 — 231.5, 10th.

2015 — 210.3, 2nd.

Comment: In another stat that felt deceptive, the Packers had “only’’ 246 yards. But they also needed just 25 attempts to get those yards.


2016 —7.1 14th.

2015 — 6.6, 5th.

Comment: As noted above, the Packers were incredibly efficient, averaging 9.1 yards per pass, most against the Seahawks this year, and most since the Rams had 9.5 in the opener in 2015, the first of the two games Kam Chancellor missed due to his hold out.


2016 —17.8, 3rd.

2015 — 17.3, 1st.

Comment: This is looming as a really tight race for the Seahawks to set a record that despite what they may say publicly is important to them — allowing the fewest points in the NFL for three straight years. Seattle has allowed 232 points, third behind Minnesota at 225 and the Patriots at 230 and just head of the Ravens at 237 and Dallas at 238 (and remember that byes are over so everyone has now played the same number of games).