Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner didn't appear to like being left off the NFL Network's Top 100 Players list this year.

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Given the way last season started and ended for the Seahawks, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that the team isn’t quite as well-represented in the seemingly endless torrent of lists that populate the NFL off-season (unless there’s one for most players who have married celebrities that I’ve missed).

Still, at least one Seahawk made his feelings clear about what he thought tonight as one of the more noteworthy list — the NFL Network’s Top 100  Players of 2016 — came to an end.

Seattle had six players on the list — and none higher than 17 —- after last year having had eight, including two of the top 11.

Shortly after the full list was unveiled, middle linebacker Bobby Wagner — who was on it last year at No. 69 but was not included this year — Tweeted simply “Disrespect.”

You can find a recap of the list, which holds some cache because it is said by the league to be voted on by players (though the list has gotten more criticism it seems from players this year than ever) here.

Seattle’s players on the list were: QB Russell Wilson (17), CB Richard Sherman (20), S Kam Chancellor (32), DL Michael Bennett (59), S Earl Thomas (66), and WR Doug Baldwin (72).

Seattle’s players on the list last year were: RB Marshawn Lynch (No. 9), CB Richard Sherman (11), S Earl Thomas (21), QB Russell Wilson (22), TE Jimmy Graham (31), S Kam Chancellor (41), LB Bobby Wagner (69) and DL Michael Bennett (90).

Obviously, Graham’s injury eliminated him from consideration and Lynch is now retired. Wagner is the only other Seahawk who was part of the last last year not on it this year.

Wagner missed one game and appeared hampered in a couple of others due to injury. But it’s hard to fathom that if the league were redrafted right now that he wouldn’t go among the top 100 players.

Wagner appears eager to re-prove that point again this season.