Bob Condotta (1-2): 49ers 27, Seahawks 21. Seattle has rarely had its back to the collective wall like this during the Russell Wilson era. And the way that Seattle has usually responded under Wilson — never losing three in a row — leads one to think that the Seahawks have it in them to pull off the upset — the 49ers are a 3-point favorite as this is written. But there’s first times for everything, good or bad, and this just feels like an ominous matchup for Seattle.

Adam Jude (2-1): Seahawks 31, 49ers 27. The Seahawks have the best offense in the NFL based on yards per play — 7.4. They have also run the fewest plays in the NFL — just 157 through three games. If Seattle’s defense can be just *a little* better on third down and give Seattle’s offense a few more possessions, this team will be in much better shape. I expect the rival Niners to bring out the best in the Seahawks this weekend.

Larry Stone (1-2): 49ers 28, Seahawks 19. The Seahawks appeared broken in many ways last week against the Vikings, and it’s going to be hard to fix them all in one week. Russell Wilson has never lost three games in a row with the Seahawks, but that streak will end.

Matt Calkins (1-2): 49ers 28, Seahawks 24. The Seahawks’ defense has proven extremely vulnerable over the last two games and a fix doesn’t seem to be on the horizon. Couple that with the fact that this is a road game against one of the league’s better teams and the Hawks will likely fall to 1-3.

Week 3 (Vikings 30, Seahawks 17)

Condotta: Seahawks 31, Vikings 27

Jude: Vikings 28, Seahawks 27*

Stone: Seahawks 27, Vikings 24

Calkins: Seahawks 30, Vikings 23

Week 2 (Titans 33, Seahawks 30, OT)

Condotta: Seahawks 34, Titans 23*

Jude: Seahawks 37, Titans 24

Stone: Seahawks 28, Titans 20

Calkins: Seahawks 24, Titans 21

Week 1 (Seahawks 28, Colts 16)

Condotta: Seahawks 24, Colts 20

Jude: Seahawks win (no score predicted)

Stone: Seahawks win (no score predicted)

Calkins: Seahawks win (no score predicted)

* — closest score