Seattle safety Kam Chancellor said Monday talks are progressing well on a contract negotiation and he hopes to retire as a Seahawk.

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Two years to the day that Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor began a holdout that left in question whether he might ever play for the team again he stood before reporters and said hopes he finishes his career in a Seattle uniform.

“I love this team,’’ Chancellor said following Monday’s training camp practice. “They gave me my first opportunity, the only opportunity. And I would love to retire here.’’

The odds of that potentially happening appear better by the day with Chancellor echoing what coach Pete Carroll had said on Sunday, that there have been productive talks about a contract extension and that he’s optimistic something will happen soon.

“I think it’s been positive on both ends and hopefully it gets done any time now,’’ Chancellor said. “But I feel like it’s been positive on both ends, both sides have been very productive working together and I’m just waiting to see what’s happening.’’

Chancellor is entering the final year of a four-year extension he signed in 2013 and the Seahawks often get new deals done before players take the field for training camp. That nothing had been done prior to Sunday had led some to wonder if it was worth questioning if a deal would get done.

Some have wondered how much the team will want to commit to Chancellor given that he will be 30 in April and has missed seven games the last two years due to injury and had surgery after the season to remove bone spurs from his ankles.

Conversely, the safety market ratcheted up a bit in March when Miami signed Reshad Jones — who is a month older than Chancellor — to a four-year, $48 million extension, a deal Chancellor would undoubtedly feel is similar to what he deserves. Chancellor makes an average of $7 million a year.

But as did Carroll the day before, Chancellor said gave off nothing but a positive air that everything will work out.

Asked if he still trusts the team to do the right thing, as he had said in the spring, Chancellor said “I definitely do’’

Asked if he was surprised a new contract hadn’t happened yet, he said “I really don’t like to put negative thoughts in my head. I’m a positive guy so I’m just really keeping it on the positive.’’

Asked if there was any part of him that might want to hit free agency and test the market, Chancellor reiterated that “right now both sides are positive, having positive talking and we are just going to keep doing what we are doing right now and just follow that process.’’

And when asked if he thought it was realistic to retire in Seattle, Chancellor smiled and said “as realistic as they make it.’’

Chancellor these days is feeling just as good about what is happening on the field.

The surgery on both ankles to remove bone spurs has him feeling better than he has in a few years, he said.

“When I had them it was kind of tough on me, the movements, I had to think before I moved sometimes,’’ he said. “Because I know if I would have taken a certain step it would have clicked and I would have felt the pain. Now I feel more free moving around and don’t really have to think because my body is just flowing.”

Carroll marveled that Chancellor had surgery on both ankles at the same time. But Chancellor said he wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“I’m glad I did both,’’ he said. “I mean it hurt the first couple weeks, it hurt the pain and nerve in the ankle, just swelling and everything, it hurt. But I don’t think I could go back and do it again, so doing it at the same time I think was effective.”

After surgery, Chancellor said he decided to switch up his workout routine some, including more exercises related to movement.

“Just doing the same thing over and over gets boring, you got to switch it up,’’ he said. “. … My time frame to train was different and I feel a lot healthier, like it helped me a lot more just from a health standpoint.”

Chancellor also got married earlier this month to longtime girlfriend Tiffany, a wedding attended by all of the other original members of the starting unit of the Legion of Boom — Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Brandon Browner.

“I love my wife,’’ Chancellor said of being married. “I love my life.’’

One that he seems to be anticipating will continue to be spent in Seattle.