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Seattle Seahawk defensive tackle Jesse Williams Tweeted Saturday night that he had been released from the hospital following kidney surgery on Thursday.

Williams, a third-year player out of Alabama, had the surgery after being diagnosed earlier this month with Papillary Type 2 cancer.

Williams remains on the team’s 90-man roster and wrote again Saturday night that he hopes to make it back on the field soon.

Via Instagram, Williams wrote that he has “lots of recovery to go” and that “this is just the beginning of a long road of hard work and commitment to get back to full health and back on the field!”

Williams watched the team’s first OTA on Tuesday, after which coach Pete Carroll noted that Williams was keeping a good attitude.

“It’s been a hard couple of weeks since he got the news but now that it is coming to gametime, he is ready to go and talking about bouncing back quickly and getting back on his feet and going again,” Carroll said. “I wouldn’t expect any less of Jesse. He’s a battler all the way. He’s been up against it, too. He’s fought some difficult fights (Williams has missed the last two seasons with knee injuries) and he’s fighting another one, and maybe the fight of a young man’s life. We’ll be there with him and hope to pull him through.”