Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril says he plans to reach out to Dallas quarterback Tony Romo after Romo suffered a back injury in Thursday's game that will keep him out until mid-season.

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A little while after the Seahawks’ 27-17 win over Dallas Thursday night, Cliff Avril realized he had suddenly become a target of derision among Cowboys fans.

It was Avril whose hit on Dallas QB Tony Romo caused a back injury that will keep Romo out until mid-season.

That wasn’t known after the game, though, when at the time it was being reported that Romo was fine.

Still, Avril saw enough venom directed his way on Twitter that he posted a message of his own saying: “Look, I’m not in the business of hurting anybody. … Definitely didn’t know Tony Romo was hurt. … So all u guys on my timeline can fall back!!”

Asked Sunday about the reaction, Avril said he was “definitely surprised. The Cowboys fans have been sending a lot of crazy Tweets. But I don’t really pay too much attention to it. It’s kind of interesting to see how you just think you are making a pay on a football field and so many people feel a certain way about it. But it is what it is.”

Avril said he plans to reach out to Romo to send his best wishes.

Avril said he had no immediate idea that Romo might be injured.

“I didn’t even see him until after I celebrated, and seen that he was still on the ground,” Avril said. “That’s when I noticed that something happened. But after he got up and talked to the sidelines I tapped him on his leg and talked to him for a split second. But I didn’t know it was that serious.”