Maybe Russell Wilson ought to stick to his strengths.

If the mockery of his May TikTok across social media is any indicator, the former Seattle Seahawks quarterback’s charisma may not extend beyond the field.


Duet this. IF YOU DARE. And get my Dangerwich @Subway #SubwayVault #PassTheSub #foodtok

♬ original sound – Russell Wilson

If you’re among the Seahawks fans who have found comfort in Wilson’s subpar play since he joined the Broncos, you might get a kick out of hate-watching his TikTok extolling the virtues of his signature Subway sandwich, the Dangerwich.

Though the TikTok is dated May 2, it emerged Thursday as a trending topic among social media’s legions of critics.

In the video, Wilson eats a “Dangerwich,” and asks viewers, “Have you ever done anything dangerous?” Among commenters and mockers, the word “cringe” is making a strong appearance (as it has since at least 2020 when he gave himself the nickname “Mr. Unlimited”).

“He delivers this entire monologue like a serial killer whose calmly talking to someone he tied to a chair with their mouth taped shut,” sports podcaster PFTCommenter wrote on Twitter.

“Its incredible how someone can be a borderline HOF NFL QB while married to Ciara & still such a dweeb,” one person replied.