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MINNEAPOLIS — Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson wasn’t very good in the first half during Sunday’s NFC wild-card game vs. the Vikings.

But in the fourth quarter of the Seahawks’ 10-9 victory, Wilson started to look like, well, himself.

Here are his numbers at halftime: 6 for 11 for 39 yards. Not all of that was on Wilson, of course, but he was inaccurate and missed Doug Baldwin wide open for a would-be touchdown. Both the cold and wind appeared to affect his passes.


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After halftime, with the wind at his back, he took more chances down the field. He started to spread the ball around. He still had to scramble probably more than the Seahawks would have liked, but it worked.

And let’s pause a moment here to reflect on what might be the play of the season. For years we have seen Wilson’s ability to play Houdini. He has frustrated defenses and thrilled fans, probably his most identifiable trait.

But even by his standards, what happened in the fourth quarter was insane. Wilson wasn’t ready for the shotgun snap, the ball sailed behind him, he ran to get it, fell on it, and had five Vikings defenders staring him down when he stood up. Wilson somehow wiggled free and found Tyler Lockett wide open over the middle.

It should have been a loss of 10 yards. Instead it was a gain of 35. The Seahawks scored touchdown three plays later, their first points of the game.