What was better?

The throw?

Or the catch?

“Wooooo,” Seahawks receiver David Moore said, the pitch in his voice sounding like a whistle as he contemplated the question.

Seahawks 30, Rams 29


He couldn’t pick only one.

“That’s about even, man,” Moore said. “It’s a heck of a throw and that’s one helluva grab, man.”

He is talking, of course, about the throw from Russell Wilson and the catch by Tyler Lockett in the first quarter Thursday night. It was the Seahawks’ first touchdown in a dramatic come-from-behind 30-29 victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

Wilson’s 13-yard throw might be the best throw you’ll see in the NFL all season.

Lockett’s full-extension, toe-tapping catch might be the best catch you’ll see in the NFL all season.

As it was, it ranks as the “most improbable” pass completion in the NFL in the past two years. That’s according to the NFL’s advanced statistical analysis, NetGen Stats, which calculated that when the ball left Wilson’s hand it had a 6.3% chance of being successful.


What made the throw so impressive was Wilson, as he’s done so often in his Seahawks career, scrambled away from pressure and was running to his left with a defender closing in, then threw off his wrong (left) foot and across his body. He had scrambled 24.5 yards on the play and was running 13.6 mph when he made the throw, according to NetGen Stats.

“Danger Russ, man — that’s what he do,” offensive lineman George Fant said.

It’s a throw few quarterbacks can make — or would even attempt to make.

“I think about Steph Curry and how he shoots a basketball — that’s how I want to throw a football, you know,” Wilson said. “Put it on the money. Make some crazy throws. Make some crazy plays.”

This one certainly qualified as crazy.

Lockett’s double-toe tap on the left edge of the end zone was just as impressive, just as improbable. And at 5-feet-10, Lockett isn’t the typical size for a receiver to make that kind of full-extension, toe-tapping catch like that.

“Tyler’s a magician when it comes to the toe tap,” veteran receiver Jaron Brown said. “Mr. Toe Tap, that’s what we’re going to call him now.”


As the play unfolded, it appeared Wilson might have been trying to throw the ball out of the end zone for an incompletion. At least, that’s what tight end Luke Willson thought as he was standing just in front of Lockett on that left side of the end zone.

Willson didn’t initially realize Lockett was standing behind him when the ball was in the air. Then he turned and saw Lockett, and he was just as stunned as everyone else in the stadium at what happened next.

“Shocking,” Willson said, shaking his head. “Shocking.”

Wilson, as has been well documented, had a perfect passer rating when he targeted Lockett in 2018. Nothing was more perfect than that throw and that double-tap catch — a perfect pairing, indeed.

“That’s one of the craziest plays I’ve seen,” Fant said. “I was in there blocking and to be able to look back in real time, I saw (Lockett) toe-tap that and, man, it was ridiculous.”