In advance of Tuesday's debut of an HBO Real Sports show featuring Russell Wilson, the network has released some more quotes from the Seattle quarterback's interview with Bryant Gumbel.

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In advance of Tuesday’s debut of an HBO Real Sports show featuring Russell Wilson, the network has released some more quotes from the Seattle quarterback’s interview with Bryant Gumbel (summarized here by ProFootballTalk).

And in them, Wilson talks as in-depth as he ever has about potentially playing baseball with the Texas Rangers.

As PFT details, Wilson responds to a question from Gumbel about his minor league baseball numbers by saying he has no doubt  he can play in the Major Leagues.

Here’s how PFT details the exchange:

“Let’s be blunt,” Gumbel says in an interview that debuts Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. ET.  “You played minor league ball for a while.  Correct me if I’m wrong.  Numbers were .227 average, five homers, 26 RBI.  If the numbers were better, would you [play baseball and football]?”

“I wouldn’t be worried about the statistics of it,” Wilson replies.  “I know I can play in the big leagues.  With the work ethic and all that, I think I definitely could for sure.  And that’s why the Texas Rangers got my rights.  And they want me to play.  Jon Daniels, the G.M., wants me to play.  We were talking about it the other day.”

This is by far the most Wilson has ever discussed baseball. He’s been asked about baseball before and usually responded with some version of just being focused on football.

So again, it’s hard not to notice that Wilson is talking so much about baseball while he is negotiating a contract extension with the Seahawks. Or maybe he just has really decided that he wants to give baseball another go, though as Gumbel’s question made clear, Wilson would have to re-start a baseball career at the bottom rungs of the minors.

The release of more comments from Wilson comes on the heels of yet another article from Jason La Confora of reporting that the negotiations could be longer and more contentious than originally thought. It’s easy for fans to just shoot the messenger on stories like the one from La Confora. But he’s getting that from somewhere, and he also has written this consistently (and it’s only fair to note that with each passing day, La Confora’s idea that Wilson could play out the year without a contract comes that much closer to reality).

Here’s the nut graf of La Confora’s article:

Wilson won’t be taking anything perceived to be below value, or a band-aid contract. The sides were coming to the table with some differing philosophies and this was not, and is not, going to be an easy negotiation. At the end of the day this player is supremely confident and willing to gamble on himself and play it out. The Seahawks don’t seem likely to budge all that much, either, judging by some recent comments by general manager John Schneider that I can assure you haven’t gone unnoticed by Wilson’s camp. If anything, all that the past two months since the combine have done is amplify what I was hearing in the weeks following Seattle’s heartbreaking Super Bowl loss — this thing might be ongoing for quite some time.

Wilson continuing to talk about baseball only adds to that perception.

For the short term, it’s worth remembering that Wilson is under contract for the 2015 season, and the Seahawks can place tags on him to keep him through 2018 (if at pretty prohibitive salary numbers).

For the long term, this continues to get a little more curious with each day.