Yeah, Wilson threw a shoe belonging to a San Francisco linebacker Sunday. But he says he was just trying to clear space for Seattle to snap the ball.

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Yes, Russell Wilson admitted Friday, he threw a shoe belonging to 49ers linebacker Fred Warner in Sunday’s game, an action that San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan protested vehemently enough that he ended up receiving a personal foul penalty.

Only, Wilson said he didn’t know whose shoe it was, and didn’t intend to impact the game in any way.

The play became an interesting, well, footnote in Seattle’s 43-16 win Sunday when Shanahan explained on Monday why he got a penalty in the third quarter for arguing after the 49ers had been called for being offsides.

Said Shanahan: “Fred Warner lost his shoe and he was going to pick it up, and when he went to pick it up, Russell grabbed it and threw it. And so he had to go about eight more yards to pick it up, and as he was doing that they went hurry-up offense. And so we had a guy 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage trying to get his shoe that was thrown out of the way, they were at the line — Fred was gonna be offsides because he was picking up his shoe that was thrown — and then when he saw that, Elijah (Lee, a linebacker) tried to help him out and run out on the field so he could get off. And that’s why we got the penalty.”

The incident happened with the Seahawks ahead 27-10 and driving for a touchdown that put them ahead 34-10. The offsides and the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty moved Seattle from the 49ers’ 26 to the 11-yard line.

Wilson didn’t need a kick in the pants to address Shoegate on Friday when he held his weekly press conference. As he stepped to the mic Wilson joked “I think someone’s missing a shoe somewhere.’’

That led to the obvious question — did he really throw Warner’s shoe and why?

“We were going no-huddle and it was right where we were going to pretty much snap it,’’ Wilson said. “I was like ‘anybody’s shoe?’ So I was like all right, whatever. So I threw it. I didn’t want to throw it forward because we were going in that direction toward the end zone. Never seen a shoe on the field like that in the middle of the play when going no-huddle.’’

Wilson said he had no issue with Shanahan’s objection.

“I didn’t think about that (Shanahan’s reaction) in the midst of doing it but I understood why,’’ he said.

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer joked Friday that the shoe toss might have to be incorporated into the team’s playbook.

“We might have to add that in the offseason,” Schottenheimer said. “What does (head coach) Pete (Carroll) always say — just always competing? So it’s interesting how that worked out.”

Somehow, this is one throw of Wilson’s of which there is no film. It was not captured on the FOX broadcast and also was not on the All-22 available through Wilson, likewise, said he hasn’t seen a replay.

“Still waiting for someone to find the video somewhere,’’ he said.

Until then, Wilson plans to toe the line that there was nothing strange afoot about his shoe toss.