Letters to The Seattle Times sports editor for July 5, 2015.

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Cano’s mental errors must end

The Mariners’ June 28 defeat could be viewed as just another loss, but it was notable for one more of Robinson Cano’s mental errors. Manager Lloyd McClendon was dutifully supportive, understated and nonjudgmental, as always. But reality remains.

The amount of money being paid to Cano does not guarantee perfection, but there should be an expectation of superior performance.

His veteran leadership should inspire this team. Instead, breakdowns in awareness continue to hinder it.

Tom Likai, Shoreline

Here’s a tip: Sign Ichiro

I am holding out hope the Mariners sign Ichiro (“Mariners should bring Ichiro back,” Monday) in the offseason to a one-year deal so he can get his 3,000th hit in a Seattle uniform.

That would be very special to me as a lifelong Mariner fan, and as a huge Ichiro fan.

Jeff Swanson, Everett

Failed experiment at Safeco Field

After 15 years of the failed experiment at Safeco Field, can we admit that its dimensions are too big for the climate? Give the place a short porch in left field to deal with the fact that no ball carries there, and teach our pitchers how to keep the ball low to right-handers. Mariners hitters have no confidence because they have to play 81 games in a place that gives them nothing.

Oh, and fire the GM. The Mariners should have insisted on Jack Zduriencik’s exit years ago.

Chris Sypolt, Seattle


Wilson should do the math, sign

Mathematics require Russell Wilson to sign a contract extension now.

In 2015, Russell Wilson’s contract with the Seahawks pays him $1,542,000. If Wilson signs a five-year deal at $22.1 million now (highest salary in the NFL), Wilson will earn $110.5 million in five years. But if Wilson plays in 2015 for $1,542,000, in each of the following four years he would have to earn $27.239 million ($5.239 million more than the salary of the next-highest-paid NFL player) to reach $110.5 million in five years. No team can pay that.

To make the most money, Wilson must extend with the Seahawks now.

David Middaugh, Seattle

Quit diddling, pay this QB

I am miffed that the Seahawks have not yet signed Russell Wilson to a new contract. They have paid him a pittance for two years while the man was busy getting the team to two Super Bowls and winning one. He has graciously and patiently awaited his turn to be compensated for his performances, while less successful players are enjoying lucrative deals.

Wilson has already proven his value to the team and to our city. I say quit diddling around and pay the man his due. Wilson is not expendable. If he were to become a free agent after this year and leave, Seahawks management ought to be ground up by Big Bertha and tossed into Puget Sound.

Steven Lequire, Des Moines

Michael Bennett should shut up

Pity poor Michael Bennett, who is plugging his ears, holding his breath and stomping his feet because he’s unhappy with a four-year, $28 million contract he signed a year ago.

I have a couple of suggestions to help Michael deal with this horrible predicament. First, get a new agent — someone who will negotiate your contract with escalation clauses.

Second, offer to redo your contract with the Seahawks and include a provision for the team to renegotiate your compensation down if you happen to have an off-year. Seems pretty fair to me.

Otherwise, shut up, realize that no one cares about your first-world problems and be thankful you’re playing on a Super Bowl-caliber team.

Tom Phillips, Seattle

Jake Heaps

Why does this keep happening?

Your story on quarterback Jake Heaps (“Unexpected journey,” June 28) is a perfect example of a system quarterback being totally overrated by the so-called “recruiting sites” and parents living their lives through their child.

I’ve seen both of the above for nearly 40 years. I hope Jake and his wife can find peace and happiness.

Ron Siegel, Kent

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