Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said in an ESPN interview Sunday he feels he and Russell Wilson are "phenomenal'' teammates.

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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman didn’t deliver any fireworks during a one-on-one interview with ESPN’s Josina Anderson that aired Sunday, instead reiterating much of what he told local reporters last month about his relationship with Russell Wilson and that he thinks reports of conflict with the team are overblown.

As transcribed by ESPN, Sherman said his relationship with Wilson is “professional” and that as teammates they are “phenomenal,” an answer that came in response to a question about an ESPN article in May that said Sherman and some others on defense have felt Wilson is held to a different standard.

“We’re pros,” Sherman said. “We hang out from time to time. We get along. Everybody gets along. But is my relationship with Russell the same as it is with Doug (Baldwin)?  Or the same as it is with Bobby (Wagner)? No. But is his relationship with me the same as it is with (Tyler Lockett) or (Justin) Britt? It’s just different dynamics. But as teammates, we’re phenomenal.”

Sherman said again that he thinks the reports are the media trying to create a story.

“Every single person on every single team doesn’t hang out,” Sherman said. “I don’t see anybody getting mad that Tom (Brady) isn’t hanging out with (New England cornerback and teammate) Malcolm Butler. Like, ‘Hey Tom, you and Malcolm Butler hang out? You guys don’t? Hmm … what’s going on there?’ You know what I mean? What are we talking about here? They’re trying to create a story that isn’t there.”

Sherman also said that an anecdote about him telling Wilson “you (bleeping) suck” after an interception in a 2014 mini-camp practice was “100 percent true” but also said he feels it simply shows the team’s competitive practice environment.

Not that anyone was questioning that the play happened as the play itself, if not the exact words, were reported at the time. That was the same practice in which Sherman got in a fight with receiver Phil Bates, with the interception of Wilson occurring after that fight as well as several other offense-defense dust-ups (here’s some video of that day).

As transcribed by The Big Lead, Sherman said: “That’s 100% true, and I’ve said worse. I’ve said worse to Doug, I’ve said worse to (Jermaine) Kearse. Iron sharpens iron, as one man sharpens another. … I’m sorry that our competition, that the way we sharpen our iron, isn’t pretty and cordial. I’m sure if you went to see bad teams, they probably get along great, probably slapping high fives, but then you go 4-12.”

The interview mostly revealed two things — that after a stormy 2016 season and offseason Sherman is doing what he can to turn the page but that this also figures to be a topic that won’t die until the Seahawks start winning games on the field.