Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman on Wednesday refuted that locker room talk in an NFL setting resembles that described by Donald Trump.

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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman echoed the thoughts of several of his teammates from earlier in the week in saying that he’s never heard locker room talk quite the way presidential candidate Donald Trump described it over the weekend.

“I think it was a cop out,” Sherman said Wednesday. “I think it was a cop out. He needed some way to divert attention from himself. That’s not how most people talk in the locker room and I think a lot of athletes would say the same. But it allows him to divert the conversation away from him, which was the focus. So yeah, I think it’s nothing.”

Defensive lineman Michael Bennett used stronger terms earlier in the week to refute that the manner in which Trump talked about women is common in a professional locker room.

“I was irate,” Bennett said. “Locker-room talk? I don’t even know if that’s locker-room talk, though. That was kind of crazy to be talking about a woman like that. Women are so important. Without women none of us would be here. So you can’t disrespect women at all. That stuff that’s going on, it’s terrible.’’