Sherman insisted he wasn't bothered by Clark's comments that the Sherman era was over in Seattle.

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What did Richard Sherman think of Frank Clark’s comments to a few reporters following Monday night’s win over Minnesota that “Sherman and his era is over” in Seattle?

The answer came Thursday when Sherman held his weekly press conference with reporters in the Bay Area.

Sherman was asked about Clark’s comments being “the elephant in the room.”

“It’s like a mouse in a room,” Sherman responded, according to multiple reports from San Francisco media outlets. “It’s like, ‘Kids say the darnedest things.’ It didn’t bother me at all. It just seemed like a guy who is probably tired of hearing the same questions. …. I wasn’t even part of that game and they’re still asking him questions after the game about me. I’d probably be pretty annoyed, too.”

Sherman said he took no offense to Clark saying his era was over, saying the fact he was no longer with the Seahawks made that clear.

“The era was over in my mind,” he said. “Obviously, I’m here.”

Clark’s answer Monday night following Seattle’s win over Minnesota came in a response to a question about Sherman having called the Seahawks “a middle of the road team” before San Francisco and Seattle played on Dec. 2, a game the Seahawks won 43-16.

Seattle and the 49ers play again Sunday in Santa Clara.

Said Clark: “At the end of the day, ‘Middle of the road,’ that’s Richard Sherman being Richard Sherman. He’s not in this locker room anymore, so his opinion really doesn’t matter. You know what I mean? They’ve got problems over there in San Fran that he needs to be worried about. At the end of the day, this is my team now. This is my defense. Richard Sherman and his era is over here. If he’s got anything to say about our defense, he can say it on the field. We’re 1-0 against Richard Sherman right now, and we’re 1-0 against the San Francisco 49ers this year. Our plan is to be 2-0. So we’re going into their stadium next week with pure aggression. We’re going to stop that run and we’re going to have fun on third downs.”

Sherman insisted that he regarded Clark’s comments as no big deal.

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” he said. “At the end of the day in this league, if you don’t end up with the trophy, how good is your season anyway? We’re fighting. We’re struggling. Dealing with injuries. Unfortunately it won’t be us this year. We’ll see if it’s them.”